OA Themes thread

Hahaha I’ve seen this Magnum tonic wine in my local twenty four hour shops, always been curious about what it tastes like.

I’ve never bought it because I’ve never had any problems standing to attention :laughing:

Does it really make ya dick tick?

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*when youre Irish nope

Grey Goose is my choice of weapon.

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It’s the absolute best lol. It makes you so extravagantly horny but it’s worth it anyway. All my nights start with a couple of them cause it gets you a little waved and makes me feel overly happy too lol

Try it mate. Best £1 something you’ll ever spend


I’d use it all the time to reflect my generally dark and brooding personality. :sunglasses:

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Budweiser is disgusting lol don’t know how people have a taste for it.

Now we’re talking! Not every beer is disgusting. There are a few very tasty and great beers out there, a matter of choice I guess.

#It has arrived.

Go to your profile preferences. Click the avatar top right, cog wheel, scroll down. Select the Dark theme and save. Enjoy the dark side. You won’t go back.

Feedback is very welcome, as we’re still looking to improve the theme.

Thanks to @Craigie for customizing the theme to OA needs.


You beautiful people! YES!

Omg the dark theme is a sexy mofo. Keep up the good work guys :+1::+1:

Online AC Milan


^^ true a.f lol

Tried it out of curiosity. Very nice!

I prefer the standard one though so changing back now.

It’s quite good for browsing at night or in low light, when you don’t want the bright glare of a phone screen. I always put my phone screen to the minimum brightness at night cos the light emitted is meant to be disruptive to sleep.

In the day I imagine I’ll be using the normal theme mostly, but gonna leave it on the dark theme for the moment as I’m enjoying the novelty of it.


Oooh I love it, well done everyone

I prefer the white on desktop. But dark on mobile is very neat, especially during night time.



I tried the dark on desktop and now I’m sure: white is better.



Loving it. Once you go black-

Dark is much better on mobile phone, I will keep the new them on phone.

You’re a single mother wait what


It looks amazing, nice touch on the pink likes too :ok_hand: Well done guys

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