N'Golo Kante

What wage demands and length would be acceptable for you?

He’s on like 300k pw or something and can’t play a full season anymore. No, we don’t need him, nor would Chelsea sell him to us unless they rinsed us.

I wouldn’t cripple our wages over him. I’ve been preaching that rhetoric a lot- even for players I like.

He won’t come here for chump change so it is going to be a big risk. I’d equate it to something similar to Willian, I’d pay that kind of respect to his wages, maybe a little more with the optimism he’d be as much of a gentleman as Willian was and cut ties if things didn’t work out.

Contract would be 2 with an option for 3rd.


At 31 it won’t be like Sterling or Gnabry though where he’ll be looking for an increase. It will be a reduction to stay in the England and a sign on.

Moreso it will be about the longevity of the contract. Sacrifice a years high earnings to earn nearly as high for the next 3+

You lot better talk about Paqueta, not Kante.
Fucking Daily Star.

Who am I kidding, barely anyone watches Ligue 1 in here. :sob:

Get to your favourite comp creators asap.

Let me dream, I legit love lil Kante. Never has there been such a baller with such little ego.

I love(d) him more.

Carried that prick Pogba to a WC win. :sob:

He’s definitely one of the best midfielders ever in my book.


Fuck no. No. No. No. No more Chelsea rejects.

The only way I’d want this to happen is if he was brought in with another midfielder because he’s got too many miles on the treads and he’d have to take a paycut.

Don’t use Batfleck against me. I unapologetically love Batfleck.

Tielemans and N’Golo before the window ends? Yay or nah bruv

I’d probably be ok with that.

Not thrilled because of reasons but it might enable us to putter through the season.

Edit: I also loved Batfleck even if Zack Snyder sucks and doesn’t understand that Dark Knight Returns is supposed to be a criticism of superheroes but that’s a different argument. Why they let him butcher such valuable IP is a mystery. Plus it made Henry Cavill’s Superman radioactive for additional movies and Cavill was such a good casting choice but the characterization is too cruel for my taste.

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Ah man Snyder gets a raw deal. Watchmen was fire years before anyone even knew what the boring ass MCU would be. It was genuinely a pretty amazing adaptation if you ignore the final chapter- which let’s be honest would never have translated to cinema back then.

His Dawn of the Dead remake was also way ahead of its time before The Walking Dead envoloped us. 300 also done so much for the male stripping industry.

He’s no master of cinema but he’s a bunch of fun. I feel like the people who hate on him take shit too serious. It’s comic books and zombies. It’s meant to be gratuitous and fun. If anything he got too far up his own ass with the Justice League work. Though I’ve not watched the Snyder Cut yet

His DC stuff is just not my taste. I prefer my Superman stories to be optimistic, not cynical. He can’t write women, he can’t write dialogue period, some of his choices in 300 were problematic for me too.

He should stick to zombie crime heist movies. Character development isn’t important, just give us 95 minutes of pure ID and CGI heads exploding.

And Watchmen was fantastic. Should have been brave enough to keep the OG ending though.

Yeh, I’m with you on this tbh but it’s still one of our my favourites of the modern era. Even watched it a while back with my dad who cares nothing for comic books and he was blown away by the poignancy of the narrative.

Though as you mentioned about him writing women it’s not what I want from his films, it’s adaption. Not creation. He’s no writer but he knows how run fine cinematography alongside a kickass soundtrack. Ala Gunn.

What didn’t you like in 300 just out of interest. I barely remember it outside Scottish boy Butler being on all the roids.

I also just don’t like Superman period. He’s always seemed like a caricature of a hero to me. I think that’s why I think Homelander is hilarious

I think the choice to make Xerxes an androgynous meat slab with abs was a choice, not one I think had roots in any sort of history or even plot purpose beyond “brown guy = weird + gay(?!) + bad”. And I’ll admit, growing up in the Jewish community we have a whole holiday that involves Xerxes called purim and he’s basically one of the “good” guys in the narrative who comes to his senses at the end of the story and stops the Jews of the Persian empire from being massacred. (Side note: Not sure what the shul scene in Belfast is like, but I highly recommend checking out a Purim celebration. There’s usually free booze, free food and a general good vibe. Some of the ultra-Orthodox parties are a little much for me, but I don’t really fit in there anyway. There are probably a few liberal shuls somewhere in your neck of the woods.)

Beyond the way they portrayed Xerxes, it was the juxtaposition of the Greeks as white guys against this sort of faceless mass of vaguely brown and black people. It rubbed me the wrong way even if I do love Michael Fassbender’s over the top performance.

And that doesn’t even really cover the whole subplot with the “deformed” Spartan. It was just. Idk. Some of the visuals were cool but overall the movie gave me the ick. But I’m a fragile leftist.

Totally get that. He’s definitely way overpowered in some comics and sometimes writers have to figure out a way to not have him solve every problem immediately. It’s like they casually toss in “oh he’s super vulnerable to magic” so he can’t just punch this person into next Tuesday because of magic.

If you don’t like Superman I’d recommend All-Star Superman which was a limited run. It’s basically everything that I think makes him great and it’s a self-contained story. It really focuses on the fact that what makes him a hero isn’t that he’s basically invincible, it’s that he learned to be a good person.

Or you could always read Injustice which was pretty good during its initial run.

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Oh wow, this is a lot to take in. I was more kinda talking about how you didn’t appreciate his adaption of Frank Miller’s graphic novel lmao. Don’t get me wrong this is super interesting to me. I love the topic of theology, especially in a safe and easy going environment.

It’s changing now, but you have to understand Northern Ireland is not a place where we could have free flowing conversation about religion. If someone was asking you about you religion they were asking what side of the Christian coin you were on. Answer wrong and you were getting your head beat in or worse. I’ve never met a Jewish person over here and maybe only a couple of people from the Islamic faith. It’s been different when I’ve been on vacation but in this country it’s always been a guarded topic.

As for 300 that’s kind of microcosm of what I’m talking about, I spent 5 years in school learning Latin and a little time in Rhodes and Greece taking in the mythology. I never for once thought that film was anything more than Miller and Snyder’s ignorant allegory of the heritage. It’s just silly graphic novels not historical publications, you know?

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So I shouldn’t expect a quality challah selection in Belfast?

But yeah, I think Snyder adapted Miller’s work perfectly. Frank Miller – also someone with some weird views imo. But in that adaptation, I think Snyder did some things that were problematic and then packaged it in a super digestible form for people.

There are definitely people who saw the movie, understood that it’s all fake, and left. But I do think there’s a corrosive effect when you have real dehumanizing portrayals of entire continents of people like that. I mean, iirc, there are like straight up “magicians” in the movie who are dressed in veils and shit. It’s not particularly subtle.

And I’m not qualified to speak about whether it was appropriate to have a Brazilian guy playing a Persian historical figure and playing him in that way. But I guess if your casting department offered you a Scottish guy pumped full of horse testosterone to play a Greek king, you’re not exactly trying to cast to historical accuracy. (And I know that discussions of who can play what role is a very tough topic. People got pissed when they learned that Rachel Brosnahan wasn’t Jewish but has basically hit it huge on Ms. Maisel)

Mate I’m from this country and I have one piece of advice. Words I live by.

Don’t go to Belfast, go to the North Coast.

It’s a beautiful country but very little of that is in Belfast. Unless you like seeing where sectarian wars took place and being robbed at knife point. I’m kind of joking but since Covid the knife crime is starting to reach London madness over here.

North coast, the causeway. White Park Bay. The green meets the limestone cliffs. It’s honestly lovely.


Sounds like the setting for a six-part gritty police procedural with James Nesbitt. Absolutely amazing in my book. I keep telling Mere that her nursing license would probably transfer to the UK. But idk that I could live completely isolated from the Jewish community like that. It’s complicated but if you grew up in a tight religious or ethnic community, you get it.

Haha I actually missed your edit. But this was good.

To the fucking point as well. I do get where you are coming from though. I did a quick Google of what you were talking about. Honestly because like I mentioned before when you were telling me about Kosher- I’m simply ignorant to the culture and religion and I have no problem saying that, otherwise I’ll simply never learn.

When I wrote my dissertation at Uni it was based around the colonisation of Roanoke and Jamestown. Fantastic and tragic at their primary source. Learning about it broke my heart for what my country was and what your country is.

Yet my first day on the job in conversation and heritage I was asked what I studied and it became a conversation about Pocahontas and Smith like in the Disney film lmao. You can’t expect people to have this intrinsic knowledge of these cultures without study or experience. I feel like you’re asking yourself to be let down if you expect that from anime/comics/TV or even novels of fiction.

It just is what it is man. I don’t think Miller or Snyder are out to be purposefully disrespectful, I think they’re simply just ignorant. Lacking research and understanding of a greater culture/issue/religion.

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I doubt it’s even possible, but Kante would transform our team.