Lucas Paqueta

Whatever we just need bodies in midfield

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You’re not a fan of him either?

Not a move the needle player. He’s pretty good. More dynamic than Xhaka but doesn’t excel at anything.

Don’t know him well at all.

You’ll be hard pressed to find many who watch Ligue 1 at all, let alone regularly

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Lyon were in Europe last season. Plus, he’s a starter for Brazil.

Think he started every Brazil game I’ve seen the past year or so.

We need the right bodies in midfield…

Lol we don’t even watch every England game, let alone Brazil games. I admire your dedication though.


I only watched him at Milan and wasn’t really wowed.

He’s still relatively young and like @Cristo said, we do need bodies at the moment. We needed two in midfield anyway imo and I think it’s even more pressing now in light of the situation.

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Yeah, some Arsenal fans don’t even watch Arsenal games either but have a hell of a lot to say about them too.


For what is worth, while very versatile his main position is pretty much exactly what we’re looking for. He has stated before that LCM is his preferred position.

This is getting steam now.

You told me not to believe that source yesterday :skull:

Ekrem Konur? He didn’t start the rumour mate.

He’s just reiterating whatever is being reported by others and treats as his own info.
If you check his track record, he’s worse than Indykaila.

The rumour really started when ESPN Brazil reported a couple of top clubs, including Arsenal made enquiries about Paqueta but they didn’t lead anywhere, the expectation was that he was staying and that he wasn’t willing to push for a move.

Then recently Media Foot reported that Arsenal and Arteta have stepped up their interest and were keen to talk to the player.

Tbh, I didn’t think much of it till I saw that L’Equipe are now reporting he will request to leave.

€65m for Paqueta? :joy:

Surely he hasn’t improved that much I wouldn’t have paid half that for him after his time at Milan

Not interested in being taken to the cleaners by broke French clubs


Thank you, next.


You see that’s what I’m not sure about because a lot will depend on what formation Arteta wants to play. Appreciate that the formation will adapt during games and for particular games, but if he wants to transition to a 4-3-3 then we need a holding DM, with two more advanced midfielders. You would assume in this formation that the advanced roles are currently taken by Odegaard, Vieira, ESM and Xhaka. When we were playing 4-3-3 last season Xhaka was the more advanced player, along with Odegaard. Tielemans still looks like a Xhaka replacement IMO, so we have plenty of cover in the No.8 and No.10 role. Paqueta therefore looks like a bit of a halfway house, i.e. not someone who would play as a No.6 but could play more advanced as a No.8 which is where we do currently have lots of options. If we are sticking with a 4-2-3-1 he makes more sense, but is he really the upgrade on Xhaka?

Guess I am just concerned about the DM role. If we can’t get Raphinha, I would sooner take the £50 we were willing to spend on him plus the £40+m we would be looking to send on Paqueta, and go and get Declan Rice. Expensive yes, but he would be the anchor for our midfield for the next 8 seasons.

Never really heard of him apart from people bitching about him which isn’t promising but at this point we need to overhaul our midfield and he can’t be worse than Xhaka or Sambi.

However €65m is a fucking joke and I don’t want us paying that.

Why the fuck is everyone so expensive


Never had you pegged as an Ariana Grande fan