N'Golo Kante

So has Kante elaborated on his reasons as to why he isn’t going go play if the EPL returns ?

Is it because the virus is spreading big time in England ?

Or is it just because the virus exists in any capacity ?

If it’s the latter that’s likely football career over for N’Golo.

Kante caused concern among team-mates in 2018 when he fainted after a training session; his brother died of a heart attack the same year.

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Why do you post stuff like this lol

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Because it’s the reality, if he isn’t going to play whilst COVID-19 is around due the health concerns, probability is a vaccine won’t be ready before his career is over.

You disagree ?

Or do you think it’ll just disappear later in that year like the article you posted ? God will do us a favour if we all stay at home and pray hard enough :rofl:

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In time there will be more herd immunity and isolation killing the virus in general population.

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He’ll come back in a few months when its probably further down the line and its calmed down even more than it is.

If you look at the statistics every week it’s getting lower than the previous week.

We don’t know if it will go away fully but it hopefully will be easier to manage

No footballers will retire. You really love over empathising a point you have mate haha

Ok so you think it’ll be option A thanks.


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His career isn’t going to be over haha

He just doesn’t want to play right now which when there’s still quite high numbers of cases and spread around which makes sense and I totally get It and I’m 100% sure Chelsea will respect that.

And then in a few months time when the infection rate isn’t so high and there aren’t so many cases and things have calmed down he’ll come back and be welcomeD with open arms by Chelsea.

The lockdown obviously isn’t going to carry on until we get a vaccine, that much seems clear to me as a vaccine is still a long way off. Seems pretty obvious that late summer is when most of Europe seems to see lockdowns being eased to their fullest albeit with some measures still in place for a while afterwards.

Come August I reckon things will look pretty good, just with a bit more space between people and the added benefit of people washing their hands more.

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This is what I was trying to say but you have put it much better haha

So again option A.

What the fuck is option A?

He’s not playing due the rate of infection as things stand. As opposed to not playing because the virus is around in any capacity.

So in other words Kante would be playing if the EPL was in Australia where we only have 500 odd active cases or so.

That’s pretty obvious no?

If you read about it before posting you would have seen its because of his brother dying two years ago and himself fainting.

I thought it was the more likely scenario. But as long as the virus is around he is some sort of chance of catching it.


Anyone who says no to this is a monster and an enemy of football


4/5 years ago yes but I think he’s past his best now

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I mean yeh he’s obviously just coming out of his prime but in his prime he was the single greatest CM in world football. Carried France to the WC, was too shy to ask to hold the trophy.

Don’t even get me started on what he’s done for Chelsea.

He’s still only 31, yes his body ain’t great but he’s still a one man midfield, even if we only got 60 percent of a season out of him it would still be unreal.

This is a chance you take in my opinion