La Liga

And yet dickheads still sign for them.

Didn’t they ask pique to do something similar last year and he agreed?

They did it with a couple of players but it wasn’t a salary reduction. The just deferred them.
Long term damage for short term gain, lol.

This is also applies to the rights sales they are selling off to make money now
Its going to hurt them more down the line

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Please happen, please please please


They’re not getting those funds for free, potential lenders are aware of the urgency of the situation, even if Barça manages to raise the necessary amount, they’d be paying the interest for years to come, altough it’d be satisfactory to see them fall short now.

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I never believe stuff like this. They always seem to find a way.


The most high profile move of 2021-22 was them not being able to register a player.

We must believe.

Lewa on loan in jan sounds good :arteta2:

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To this, Radrizzani revealed that they had a decided due date for the payment: “I’ll tell you on the 2nd of September. If not, we will have a ‘global case’ on all media against Barcelona.”


Time to lowball Barca with a bid for Frenkie.

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I would still have to see it to believe it. I just don’t see how a club with as much global pull and appeal won’t find a way past this.


Such a non-story. They’ll be registering their new signings with no issues at all.

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I can definitely see one of the players taking a hit

What about the other story about Leeds suing Barca?

Over what? Barca would crush Leeds in court

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Won’t happen. Massive bluff.

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Is this the Leeds who were going to challenge Everton stay in the PL. Yeah right.