La Liga

They’re a €700m a year team tell in terms of revenue too so whoever buys it is literally buying a goldmine once the debt is gone.


Exactly. Chelsea just sold for a figure in the billions. There’s no reason why prospective buyers wouldn’t pay a similar total amount for a significantly more prestigious club with earning potential like this.

Barcelona disappearing is so incredibly unlikely but of course it makes for good reading and article headlines.


That thread is everything wrong with twitter tbh, such hypitheticals spoken as truths. A club like them will not go bankrupt, despite their shite financial management


We may be years away from a world without FC Barcelona.

Don’t threaten me with a good time.


That brother Kroos is finished, dunno what to say anymore. Should have called it quits and left Madrid on a high.

Madrid are 2-3 injuries away to key players from a massive collapse. Knock on wood Benzema, Modric and Courtois get injured, Madrid will be in the mud.

No clue what the fuck Don Perez is doing. Went and overpaid 100m for Tchouaméni and that’s supposed to be enough. Rudiger will out himself as a fraud before long too. :man_facepalming:

I hope whatever black juju was initiated last season to somehow win the CL against all odds with fucking remontadas you couldn’t even script doesn’t lose effect till 2023


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only saying that because it impacts Manu because they wanna sign him. If it was us wanting to signing him it would be on the lines of ‘barca are the far better club and it is obvious to me that he doesnt want to leave i feel Arsenal should just move on’

When questioned about what they are doing it would be ‘well morally it isnt great but that is between barca and the player’

There is a unpalatable situation arriving here in this though.
Barca are running amok. The players money in the bank allows him to accept this, but there’s something more fundamental wrong on this for players further down the chain.


Not sure I see how. Those players will have laws on their side if they need to invoke them. This isn’t a legal precedent being set, it’s two parties coming to an agreement. Barca have already renegotiated with others too.

A lot of Gooners think they’re on a delayed bankruptcy and this is a bit of a last hurrah.

Can’t help but think they’ll have a “council-buying-their-training-ground-only-to-lease-it-back-to-them” salvation a la Real Madrid.

Barcelona need to be finished

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The club are not near bankruptcy, it was a short term cash flow issue due to insane wages and La Liga rules.

The issue is the salary cap La Liga have, if they were in the PL with unrestricted spend they’d be fine.


Remember when this prick was a big deal? Another overrated La Fabrica product.

Barcelona’s financial turmoil: Asked UEFA for money up front for several seasons.

UEFA’s response was a straightforward “no” and European football’s governing body explained to the Barcelona official that they could not use several years’ worth of future Champions League television money as security because there was no guarantee they would qualify for the tournament in every season. This is because Champions League qualification is secured through sporting merit, rather than a birthright.

The Barcelona official was described as genuinely surprised by the rejection.

What a bunch of cunts :ozil:

Is this their “third lever”? Lol

Barcelona could always use the ESL television money as security. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Below isn’t reliable despite being believable

Inept, corrupt cunts.

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Pleeeeease go the way of Bury

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