La Liga

He has been told he isn’t required any more due to his conduct off the field, but he is still under contract until 2024. They want him to just waiver the salary and move on but he says he’ll stay and continue to train. So they’re going to be paying him all that money for nothing.

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But still why 100m euros?

Must be a typo

Yeah, maybe, probably more like 70m. His annual salary is 28m Euros apparently. Plus add ons.

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Didn’t Messi have some crazy loyalty bonus at one stage? Pique probably got himself one of those while the going was good.

didnt barca at one point very nearly not manage to pay their players? Now that they are really cash strapped like they are i would avoid like a plague as a player because i reckon it is gonna go that way again if they are not careful.

An old classmate and friend of mine just got promoted back into La Liga with Girona, Bernardo Espinosa.

Started his career at Sevilla B after finishing 6th form with me, but spent most of his career at Sporting Gijon in La Liga although some of you may remember him as a bit part player for Middlesborough in their season in the premier league 16/17 (only made 11 appearances though). We used to play football together in our lunch breaks on the astro lol

It’s so weird to think that at my age, he’s now entering the twilight of his career and that he’s been a professional footballer for 13/14 years and yet ultimately the majority of fans won’t have any idea of who he is because he never made it that big.

Just puts it into perspective how many pro-footballers there are around Europe playing to a high standard but who ultimately never really “make it big” or gain the level of fame of the very top footballers.

I wonder what he’ll do when he retires, he never went to uni but was pretty intelligent - not sure if he’ll take his badges or maybe do a degree.


That’s only a handful really.
Even if I watch every club religiously this coming season, I bet I will not recall 50% of footballers in non-top 6-7 PL clubs.

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Incredible. I was sure you were going to get some stick for this, as is tradition. :grin:

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Not sure how I got away with it tbh :joy:

Missing @JakeyBoy ’s presence to keep me in line


They’re actually in the final years of their career. :cry:

When I started reading this I thought you were chatting about Football Manager :sweat_smile:

Nothing suspicious here. Just that the last 12 winners were from La Liga. :grimacing:

Wait. A football competition involving a vote might be corrupt?



No fucking wonder Lewa is desperate to join Barca, lol.
That’s his only chance of winning a Ballon d’Or before retiring.


Who starts and where can be debated but this is a very, very strong team.
I know Madrid just won La Liga and CL but I do worry about next season. Not sure Tchouameni is enough.
Can’t expect elderly people like Modric and Benzema to carry the ship any longer. Kroos is already semi-finished.

Hope Barca get fucked financially but Madrid ain’t really in a great position financially either.

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Not long now until a mega wealthy entity comes along and basically takes Barcelona for free and clears their debt


Enjoyed that. Hope he is right.

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And yet they went out & bought Raphinha for 70m. Whoever is running that club is out of his/their mind.

Aubameyang, Dembele, Ansu Fati, Ferran Torres, some player on loan etc would have been enough

Exactly. Seems they’re about 700-800m in debt in total with about half of that being a concern in the short-term. 400m or so isn’t much for a club like Barcelona and that’d leave the new owners with about 400m of debt tied to the club which is probably far more in line with most clubs of a similar size.

With a brand like Barcelona have, many prospective buyers will have interest.