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And the previous board were the criminals… riiiight

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Lawyers don’t get to openly declare that there is evidence of criminality. If that looks like it might exists go to the fucking cops and a prosecutor can decide what to do after a police investigation. They have nothing and are just hoping they can force some hands here. Including Pique who is apparently ready to accept a reduction in the hope that somewhat legitimises these claims.

Side note, I visited Barcelona in 2013. I got off the tour bus at the Camp Nou but decided against going in for a tour. Glad now they never got my money. Cunts.


This club is a fucking state.

I’m annoyed that they’re going to still be good at football at the same time as this is going on.

FdJ can’t be the only player to defer his salary during covid. Have they not paid anyone else either? It all smells very fishy.

At least Pique and Busquets I have heard.

And If I understood things correctly the thing with Frenkie is he had a 3y contract from 2019-2022, then they extended it to 5 yrs stretching to 2024 with additional wages but those wages would be deferred, and now they’re trying the case for that extension to not be valid but actually illegal, saying he should stay contracted till 2024 but with the current (old) wages or something like that. IIRC.

And to clarify for anyone who barely give enough shits to follow this crap: the problem for Barca is not that they don’t have money, they have plenty of money which is why they keep buying players, it’s just that they need to balance the books in accord with their ffp. It’s all income vs. expenditure, since in La Liga you need to get your ffp approved to register players ahead the season, unlike in the prem where you just do whatever the fuck you want, win shit and pay some dude later, maybe.

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lol 10 matches with Real or Barca :sweat_smile:

I mean free is nice but still.

Better than Iker? Yep.

Twitter nerd so he probably don’t even remember Casillas playing


How got was Casillas really though? The latter part of his career definitely tarnished his legacy a bit.

Florentino wasn’t a big fan of him either.

Courtois is better than Casillas ever was and I don’t even think it’s particularly close.


I just found Casillas synonymous with everything that was good about Real Marketing in that period of time.

Very, very good 'keeper.

Raul was definitely not a fraud.


Yep, Florentino is talking out of his arse there

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I put Casillas at the top of the most overrated goalkeeper ever list. His reflexes covered his poor positioning. He wasn’t a very commanding keeper either and wasn’t great with crosses.

Remember as far back as Capello back in 07 wanting to get rid of him and Jose was the first manager who did it.

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Phenomenal player. Absolutely beautiful to watch.

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See, you’re spot on here. Valdes was another.

Deffo. Man was shite.