January Transfer window thread


Pretty much finished if weve got no money now and only seventy million in the summer. Lets not forget every other top 6 club will look to improve in the summer.
Regardless where we finish here we will look the least attractive proposition if true.


Much more simple explanation is that our playing staff costs have steadily risen and revenue gone down. We’re in a tight spot because we’re waiting on additional sponsorship deals to kick in on paper.

Overspending got us here


The Banter Era just never ends ffs :joy:


Relax, he’s just the manager, fuck does he know lol



70m is decent and if we sell players it can rise. Although I’m not sure who we could sell. Maybe Chambers or Mustafi or Xhaka or Elneny?

The issue seems to be wages, we have 4 huge wages, with Mkhitaryan, Ozil, Auba and Laca making up about 950k a week. We’ll lose Welbeck, Ramsey, Kosceilny wages in the summer. So that’s nearly 300k.


Yeah, nah


So which World Class defender’s right leg should we buy then? Perhaps we can get the other leg next year.


Nowhere near enough to build a squad on and this window cannot be ignored either. If true its pretty desperate.



I’m not familiar with our financial records, but we are pretty much on top of every list of football clubs revenue and we do not spend anywhere near enough as others.
Football is corrupt and FFP is just a show for the public, we simply lack ambition


Hector Herrera would be free and Suarez would be loan with option/obligation to buy so how does us having no transfer budget rule any of those players out?


Maybe the people in charge told him as much?


Well even if it’s true, its a good negotiation tactic. No more bums! No more being locked in to sign bums!

Sell our current bums!

That Europa win is so necessary right now.


There’s a small chance right, like the tiniest chance? lol.


I need to see a list of Arsenal players on 90k or more.



This was misplaced because he’s produced a pretty well written article below. Would recommend everybody reads


If you’re Ramsey and seeing Kolasinac being paid more than you, no wonder he’s off.

If anyone’s under paid its fucking Monreal :rofl:


Mesut shits on all of them :arteta: , Kolasinac came on a free, hence the big wages, but still he shouldn’t be nowhere near those figures, with each passing day, Gazidis looks even more clueless.