Denis Suárez (signed)


If true what a load of bollocks that it’s US getting shafted by FFP.


Yeah us of all the ducking teams in the world, Jesus Christ.

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Well they did the same thing with Rafinha when he went to Inter on loan and Inter eventually didn’t pay the agreed sum because they thought it was too much. Maybe this time they want to be in front of that happening again.


Not really. When you make so many moronic recruitment decisions this is what happens.

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Signing Denis Suarez on loan with an obligation to buy at only £20m is a reasonable deal anyway. If it doesn’t work out we won’t lose too much selling him on to a Spanish team that would be more than happy to give him a shot following his reasonable body of work outside of Barcelona.

Ideally there wouldn’t be an obligation in it though.


This is his pinned tweet:

Unpopular Opinion:

The #Arsenal can and WILL challenge for the title this season. Whether they win it or not, belief is coming back to the club, from the North Bank to North Africa to South America, Gooners will remember what it feels like to BELIEVE!#COYG

— Nate Smith (@nws13) 5 juli 2018

I’m sorry, mate. But I’m not going to take anything seriously this guy says.

January Transfer window thread

Because they think he might flop and want a guaranteed sale? They can also do deals based on the guaranteed income.

Either way there’s not too much between the 2 positions and you expect it gets done


Easy with the fowl language there son.


Cool. Time for “we got him” @Bl1nk :bellend:


No can’t do amico. I made a new year’s resolution to only get excited once Ornstein says it’s a done deal.


Where is our master? :xhaka2:


The noise regarding Frenkie de Jong and Barcelona is also back. Rabiot will join them in the summer. Denis Suarez will leave them. Only question is where too he will go.


We do, we just like to pretend we don’t when it’s convenient

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Yet he has the balls to say, “Stop saying stupid things on Twitter” haha

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I’ve just seen somewhere that he rejected West Ham because he wants to join us, not really the kind of club we want to be competing with for players


Tbf West Ham pulled off some great signings recently I’d take in a heartbeat irrespective of current form


20mill would be a travesty. No Spanish club would come close to his matching wages he will pick up here which means his resale value will be close to 0. Like pretty much every single sale we have made the last couple years.

20mill could also be about 50% of our transfer budget assuming no CL. We’re forecasted to make a HUGE loss this year.

We need to be smart about our transfers not spending massive proportions of our budget on player with limited upside like this.


still a club near the bottom of the table though


Don’t know if we should be shocked too much in regards to money. We clearly have an abundance of it however our tight wage bill has been well documented for two years now.

I can see that being used as a bargaining tool at bringing Barca down in their estimations with the price of Suarez. 20M Euro is high for an outcast/player they have no need for. VikLehi are at it.


So you think a player that plays/is a target at a club lower than ours automatically makes him no good?

Let’s use the same club in question as an example and go back a couple years. Dmitri Payet.