Denis Suárez (signed)

Arsenal to sign Suarez from Barcelona. These guys are missing a clickbait trick!


Would he come now or in the summer after Rambo is gone?

The real question is, has he confirmed his Arsenal transfer by giving a heartfelt goodbye to all of his teammates??

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This one seems to have legs as a rumour…BUT does he offer anything more than Ozil or Mkhitaryan?

Frustrating thing is that Suarez is being moved out by Barca to make way for Rabiot…the player we should have tried to sign! and the player who would have improved our midfield options IMO.


He doesn’t play in their position

Not a potential signing to get over excited about, but it’s the sort of signing I imagine this club is actually trying to make.

I’m pretty underwhelmed by this transfer. :santi:

Nothing like taking Barca’s drek at over market value because it’s January.

Rabiot is a trouble maker as is his mother.

He’s not as good as he thinks he is, we don’t need the headache.


Rabiot isn’t really the profile we need in midfield either

Sounds like this guy is a Ramsey replacement.

If we do get him in, might as well sell Ramsey now no?

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For anyone wondering. Denis is a poor man’s Isco. Loves a bit of trickery. His passing is kinda average tho, esp. for Barca. He could end up like Coutinho…a man can dream.

Would be a pathetic signing.


Lol why?

This guy looks like a pussy irl. We need hairy men, not girls ffs !

Tell us what you really think though

Guys, relax. The kid isn’t coming to replace anybody. Doubt the club will let anyone of importance go this January. He’s coming as a surplus midfielder with a different profile than what we have. If he earns a spot in the team good, if not, he’s a solid backup.


24 years old, probably the profile Sven is looking at.

Dunno if he’s all that though, but the likes of Elneny aren’t even playing right now, so if he can offer that, it’s something? Wonder what the price range is.

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Hearing 10-15 million, not sure if it’s in pounds or euros though.

reliable sources close to the club understand fee is below £40m + £1?