Denis Suárez (signed)


Can’t moan if we’re getting him for around £10M.

Think we should be stockpiling different profiles of midfielders anyway. It doesn’t sound like he’ll be a starter but given his age, it looks like a low-balling gamble, which I’m fine with.



Probably Emery wants it to happen.



Has great potential according to FIFA.

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I reckon he’s amazing and should finally be that Vieira-type ballwinner replacement we’ve been missing since 2005




Saw someone post this on Twitter and thought I’d share it. It’s a basic insight into D.Suarez from a Barcelona perspective.




More or less what I expected. Not excited if I am honest… I guess the hope is that he did well under Emery previously and has potential, but never got many chances. Age is ok and if less than 10m, we’ll see. Hope he can turn into something more than another squaddie.



So a Barce fans long analysis is Barce shouldn’t sell and thinks he’s suffering from lack of game time.

After watching a fair bit of youtube clips I am impressed with his technical ability and Barcesque passing, touch and movement.

For the money this is cracking buy imo



A week back when Liverpool smashed us there was a huge backlash with people saying we needed to take the Liverpool approach to transfer activity in the windows.

Isn’t there aspects of this sort of deal aligning with what Liverpool did when they bought Coutinho at the time?

I don’t know a huge amount about Suarez but for the figures being quoted, and with the age he’s at - this isn’t an outrageous gamble at all is it?



No, some people just love a moan on here haha



Coutinho was a player with immense talent who didn’t reach his potential at Inter. Admittedly he was much younger, but Suarez is in the same hemisphere when we’re looking at profile of signing. Player who hasn’t fulfilled potential (though not as high a ceiling as Coutinho) and is available for a good price from a top club.

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These are the kind of signings that we should be making, just like Andre Gomes who is excelling at Everton Suarez is clearly better than what he’s been able to demonstrate at Barca.

When you look at our pauper midfield I don’t know how we can be turning our noses up at this kind of signing to be honest. Ideally we take him on loan and sign him after a successful spell, however, considering the figures being quoted it’s not a huge gamble to take him on permanently now.



Thanks guys. Feeling better after reading through more and looking at it from different perspective… looking forward to watching him.



You’re welcome. Now step into my office so I can sell you the Mustafi dream :grin:



Yeah too much PTSD to overcome on that one :facepalm:



It kind of is but Coutinho was much younger. It’s more like when Real were potentially selling Isco and like when they sold Morata or Mata or like when Barce shifted Deulofeu. Even Cesc and Bellerin are examples of sorts but alongside those there is that other Barce kid that didn’t make it here. There’s mixed results with those players

Suarez at least has had a break out season before getting the Barce deal.



I’m ok with it because he theoretically has high resale value. But I’m done getting excited about signings unless there is a very good reason.



With a name like that, we should snap him up right away.

For the very same reasons, I wish we hadn’t signed Amaury Bischoff, as he may have been related to Eric.

(Yeah, thank God I ain’t the Arsenal manager)



My thoughts as well. Haven’t seen him much but I also think that if you buy a 24yo who has a few years at Barca he’s probably not going to drop much in value anyway, we could perhaps pass him on in a couple of years if it doesn’t work out and we’re not getting Arthur anyway lol

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That’s a good reason to sign Amaury no? :arteta: