January Transfer window thread


Didnt know the emirates deal was about to expire also, so that should be a nice sum to add also they say it could be 50m or so a season add that to adidas and also dropping 500k a week or our wage bill summer could be better than we expect.


At what point will this fucking club wakeup and realize that we’re going to have to speculate to accumulate? We’re losing money being out the CL, but you can’t get back in it unless you spend…


Why do we have no money? It sounds like we are about to go bankrupt :xhaka2:


Fucking cowboy :bellend:


Seems like this every transfer window aswell.


119.500 for Kolasinac? WTF!?


70 mil ahahah? You buy nothing with this budget these days.


Knock Kroenke down. He is ruining us.


This is an unpleasant update. The idea that we’re supposed to make a run at Top 4 this year by only really adding some stopgaps and Torreira is insane.

What I don’t know is if Emery thought he would be able to integrate Özil into the team a little bit better.


why wont people read that article it explains what is going on in there


Last January we had madness this January we have sadness :disappointed:


Thought we went down a new, amazing, exciting path when we signed Auba. Mad times. Now we’re broke and can only get loan deals or injured Kallstroms.

I want January 2018 back.


Ridiculous stance by the club which is nothing more than some backwards attempt at negotiating poorly. I can see in Arsenal’s mind they put this nonsense out there so they can loan Suarez then throw some money Carrasco after and come out of it thinking they are transfer magicians.

Why can’t we just have a little pride and go about our business with some self respect, everything we do reaps of the bloke who turns up to the welfare office in his Maserati.

I think we’re going to get some decent business done this month but like always we suck any of the fun out of it, if it’s true that we do have some FFP restraints then I don’t want to hear we have no money to spend I want to hear why our club is in such a shambles and what they are going to do to fix it long term.


I would have to take the trustworthiness of this extract with a pinch of salt when it starts with a claim that Leno is 22 years old. (He’s 26).


You can’t speculate to accumulate if FFP is stopping us spending or increasing wages.


People really need to read this…


Kroenke was a board member for years prior to FFP kicking in and his full takeover, something like from 2008-2012 when we lived on peanuts and he didn’t do anything about it. No one on the board did while the media pretended we had a “warchest” full of money. I even think he could push in plenty now as well just circumvent the failing FFP, like all other teams who want to do, but he doesn’t. That’s why Usmanov was talking about how if he took over he would push in the moolah no problem.

We spend what we make, that has been our transfer policy for at least 10-15 years, it was nothing while we built the Emirates, it’s probably something like £40-50m nowadays. He’s the only one who is on the board and can/could push in more money so that we didn’t have to end up like this, and he didn’t.

It’s about as convenient for him to say it is because of FFP as it was for him to have Wenger here who was willing to work with nearly nothing for years while taking the heat from fans who are into consipiracy theories who didn’t get it. As for now we’re stuck with what we make and we already spent something like £60-70m so I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s it for this season.


Think we have to face the fact football is used for money laundering or for the rich to put their money into some form of asset, which pays dividends whilst offloading debt on it.

How the hell a club like Spurs spend so much money over the years even more than us and who win fuck all stay afloat and afford to build a new stadium? Do the maths people.


So Kroenke will never put money into the club, We just have to hope we have good directors who can make good deals for us.