January Transfer window thread


I highly doubt Leno earns just 10k less than Cech. He should be way far


Basically the demise of this club is a combination of the deals Wenger & Gazidis handed out to players and handled contract situations, coupled with the fact we have an owner who doesn’t invest any of his own money…

Now I liked football a lot better 15 years ago before super sugar daddy owners and the sport got stupid, but the reality is if you don’t have one now it does hurt you.


Feel like the bubble will burst soon though.


The kind of bids we can expect Arsenal to make in the summer…


actually if you read the article in the summer we wlll be fine but because it is midseason with a bloated squad with huge wages and the new deals set up for the summer we dont have much wiggle room as for now. We will have the other 1/2 season of income 60m from adidas and probably around another 50m from the emirates too and a lot more people leaving too.

I reckon players are being talked to now for the summer like Yannick apparently in deep discussions with him to get him over so i reckon we have targets but they wont arrive until the summer…watch this space.


So we can’t buy players because of rules about increasing the wage bill, but we’re fineto pay their wages on loan? Sounds like shit.

We should be spending this window trying to find a buyer for Elneny. Clearly a player with no role to play anymore. Clubs are desperate to do business in January and he’s a decent player.



I don’t believe a word when it comes to our greeedy fucking board.


why are they greedy, they dont take any money out of the club apart from supposed admin fees or some shit, which is like 3m a season which is peanuts.


Isn’t mustache cunt building a new ranch for him?


Yeah which virtually has no relevance to Arsenal whatsoever because he isn’t taking money from the club to build it.


Most credible rumour to me is the Suarez deal and i’ve seen it suggested barca rejected a loan deal with a mandatory purchase. At the time I thought this was odd but in this scenario Barca would continue to pay his wages to a certain point and Arsenal pay Barca the wage sum as part of a transfer fee


We have loads of money. FFP is bullshit. We are apparently the only club to ever take it seriously.


His name is not We. Agree with the rest :smiley:


Prices are inflated and playeres are being sold for crazy amounts for the last 2 or 3 years and we are having issuess with FFP while PSG spends 300 milons on 2 players
Good old honest and law abiding Arsenal, fuck that.


Why are Barca obsessed with Willian? We need to send whoever is pushing for him a Mkhitatyan highlights reel. See if we can get in on the action!


This wage thing should be a problem for more clubs. Most clubs have rather stable revenue income and top 10-ish Deloitte Money League clubs always add more than they distract in players and players’ wages. But somehow it’s only a problem for Arsenal, Roma and Internazionale. Something doesn’t really add up here…


While the others don’t give a fuck and win trophies.


TPTB at Barca really don’t have a clue, what in the world does Willian offer?

Pure idiocy.


Valverde and Bartomeu are bums.