January Transfer window thread

Like the summer one post the winter window rumours for every club here.

I think James would be class at Chelsea. Let’s hope not.


Him and Hazard together would be a risk for their balance, tbf.

He is better than Oscar. Hardly a “replacement”. He is first 11 material - or perhaps my expectations are just low…

He’s better than Pedro or Willian tho.

Would imagine that’s who he’d replace with them taking oscars position on the bench

Of course, but Pedro and William are perfect for the way Conte plays. No denying James quality though.

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Chelsea are losing many money because of the agreement with Adidas, they can’t break the bank in January.

Winter 2017 just sounds wrong.

Haha why?

Because winter comes after summer :wink:

Haha true but in football its the winter window

January is in 2017 January is the winter therefore its the first half of winter 2017 :wink:

I don’t think I’ve heard it called anything other than the January transfer window. Unless you made this thread last year and I didn’t pick up on it then. :slight_smile:

Haha no I just made it there. I couldn’t decide weather to call it January or winter.

January now :+1::sunglasses:

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Sweet. I can sleep better tonight now. :grin:

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James Rodriguez:“I can’t guarantee that I’ll stay at Real Madrid, I have offers & 7 days to think about it. I want to play more”

Good defender.

I’m praying that Santa gifts us a 25 goal a-season striker (because Wenger can’t/won’t buy one) so when Sanchez goals ball-hunting and wins it he can look up and see someone upfront waiting to be served.

Other than a striker (which is extremely unlikely), we don’t need anybody else…except a new manager (which is also EXTREMELY unlikely)!

38M for a RB despite Valencia is playing a very good season? Hell yeah, Mourinho is crazy! :upside_down:

Who? :neutral_face:

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