January Transfer window thread



Wilson is not top 6 quality. That signing would be hilarious. Please happen.


Any striker in red and black stripes then.


Are Chelsea trying to be the new Everton? Chucking around £50M on the likes of Pulisic, Hysaj and now Wilson (each respectively) :kos2:


Maybe we would get the 75 million quid for Lacazette that @Arsenal4thetreble suggested…


You two going big for OA Bromance 2019 I see


Obviously you don’t read the Liverpool thread :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. Myself & @Arsenal4thetreble have a love/ hate relationship.



Lol! 50 mil for Wilson? Are you fucking kidding me? :arteta:


with Liverpool :mustafi:


We can’t sign with payment for one player,” said Arsenal’s head coach. “We can only loan players.

The club is working. The club is telling me each moment that different situations can happen for recruitment. But at the moment I don’t have new news on that.

I don’t know now his [Suarez’s] situation. But we can only sign on a loan and I know the club is working for the possibility of players who can help us with this condition.


Absolutely ridiculous for a so called rich club :facepalm:


What an absolute joke we are.




This is not a good look at all.


Time to start looking for what freebies are available in the summer



Well fuck my ass.


FFP is bullshit, our board is just not competent enogh to hide the flow of money as all the other big clubs do


Two words. Wage bill… pool and Spurs have lower wage bill than we do (Spurs a lot lower)… legacy shambles. Thanks, Ivan and co