January Transfer window thread


Him and Suarez together?


So I’m guessing we gonna wait til the summer to sign a CB? I don’t mind both of these guys, but if we have no money available then how are we gonna get em? How can we pay the reported 18M for Yannick when we supposedly don’t have 14M for Denis? Something isn’t adding up beloved.


Pull the fucking trigger on this one Vinai Svenllehi


Needing defenders, but buying attackers.

Did Arsene really leave? :slight_smile:


Issue with the defense imo is that we’ve got our two young studs out injured. Mav and Holding is our CB pairing for the next 10 years, at least it should be. And even then I don’t think it’s not necessarily all on the defense, we have needed upgrading in the midfield for ages.


What have you seen from Mav that makes you so confident he could be our CB for 10 years? And from what I’ve seen of Holding so far I don’t see a 10 year CB in him. I see a squad player.


Did you not look at the username you were replying to?


I agree with u on mostly everything so lelelel :joy::joy:


I can’t help it mate. No matter how much I know he’s doing it I can’t control myself. @Arsenal4thetreble has a hold on me.


Mav was a boss last season when he got a run of games and his ceiling is high. Holding the same, he can still develop. With Holding we were still leaky, but not getting trounced by 5 goals leaky. Allowing 3 goals to City and 2 to Chelsea isn’t terrible considering our non existent midfield.


Operating behind the scenes :smile:

Apart from joke, as we can’t defend to save our life, we need to outscore the opponents :wink:


What run of games lol? He played 3 times and got sent off in one of them.


Mate he played a solid game at OT which in the odd persons logic means we’re set for a decade in regards to a top CB.


Sven rates him highly and he played well when we saw him, better than our current cbs that’s for sure. That’s plenty of evidence to suggest that he’ll continue to improve.


It’s no evidence to suggest he’ll be a good enough starting CB for Arsenal for the next decade.


He’s highly rated by a professional football talent evaluator, and then when he was in action he played extremely well, especially considering his age and experience. How is that not evidence? You saying you’ve watched more football than Sven? You should apply for a scouting position!! Diamond Eye Aussie :joy::joy:🖒🖒


I agree…this could be a really good acquisition which would strengthen the squad. Natural wide player too…all the rumours seem to indicate he would be willing to take a pay cut to get back to a European club. I’m keen on this one happening! (which probably means it won’t!)


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Never change @Arsenal4thetreble

Im ROFLing in real life here.


@Electrifying :heart::heart::heart::heart:


I have everything crossed that the Carrasco deal comes off. For no other reason than he’s been fucking awesome for me on my Fifa career.