January Transfer window thread


Yannick Fucking Carrasco


Yeovil fried chicken


Departure of Robben has already been confirmed.


Wow really! Back to FC Groningen?


It’s not clear yet what he is going to do. But he won’t be a Bayern Munich player next season.


We had Mbappe/Martial as expensive teenagers but €40 million for another 18/19 year old remains insane. Fee for Lucas Hernandez is also rumoured to be in excess of €50 million.


Pavard the new Lizarazu


This post is making my eyes twitch lol.

50% of the words used in your post have been spelt incorrectly brother.


Autocorrect :arteta:



Was really high on him at one point but not too sure about him anymore. Whatever happens he’s better than all of our existing wide men I guess.


Hope he is willing to take a pay cut, if he joining us.


That Carrasco rumour sounds like absolute BS


That’s because we don’t have any :laca:

I’m so lukewarm on this guy, we should not be exchanging money for him.

@Cristo knows.


Definitely someone I thought we should have bid for before his very strange move to China. Apparently he wanted to play more regularly prior to WC18. I’ve seen people pretty down on him based off his performances playing wingback at the WC.


He’s only 25 which is surprising, feels like he’s been about for like ten years.

We’re crying out for a direct winger and it’s been a while since we’ve had someone with his kit in our side. I think it could be an exciting move.


Not sure we would have had a chance. His current club and Atletico are also connected because of Wanda Group.


Fair enough. He and Nico Gaitan moved to China out of nowhere. It’s probably all part of some shady financing arrangement.

At this point Arsenal are going to be targetting up and coming players like Torreira and Matteo or reclamation projects like Suarez or Carrasco. At least until we get our wage structure fixed and start selling players at a profit again. I’d rather have Carrasco than Suarez just because at least Carrasco has demonstrated an ability to deliver at a high level.


If these rumours are to be believed, there is a theme developing to our transfer strategy - going for players with high ceilings but who have fallen off the radar in recent times.

If we had signed Carrasco and Suarez 2-3 years ago, most of us would have been pretty hyped. Clearly, there is a reason these guys are available, but seems a low risk high reward type scenario if we can get them at the right price.


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