January Transfer window thread


Because… they… make… lots… of… money… selling…


To be fair since then there have been reports of Arsenal trying for Dembele. Mole was first to break it.


Instead it looks like we’ll likely land Suárez and not Dembele, such a shame for us :cry:.


If we get Suarez it will be for midfield not for wing. Pavon and Carrasco are rumoured wingers seemingly at present.


We shall see, wasn’t Emery talking about how he used him on the wings the other day ?


Emery said Suarez played as winger for him at Seville :wink:


That’s our winger @Maverick79, @Luca_from_Italy has confirmed it.


A4TT talks to himself on MSN?


I don’t think so, Suarez is out of position in midfield and doesn’t perform as well. If we get Suarez we aren’t getting another winger imo


Bayern doing some more shopping. Good signing I think.



I like how he always incorporates something like the last sentence in his tweets. If stuff doesn’t happen he’s safe lol.


70% chance :arteta:

Lemar was 100% according to this fool.


Is he absolutely sure it isn’t 72%?


Got to love the ‘Get out of jail free’ card he gives himself.

Such a fraud.


With the signing of Pavard, the rumours surrounding Hernandez and Hudson-Odoi it seems like they are going to go full rebuild. So he should have a little bit of time.


Emery confirmed it, tbh.


YFC? :bellend:


Ribery confirmed to depart this summer, maybe Robben too.


It’s crazy that they’ve signed Pavard for just £31m which is a good fee given he played a key role in the France WC win and has age on his side at 22.

But the outlay on Pavard, Hudson-Odoi and Hernandez is definitely going to be in excess of €150m