January Transfer window thread


Was thinking the same thing. CHO is one of their brightest prospects, if Chelsea don’t even see a future for him at the club then the others in the academy must be wondering what chance they have?!


More top quality players, that have played for Chelsea, have come from our youth team rather than through their own.
Both Cole and Cesc were world class from our youth team.


Dont see any better reason for them now tbh.


Any news on the Suarez deal?


The wings positions are up for grabs in the summer. Robben and Ribery are probably both going to leave and they will enter a rebuild. I would say this is the moment to step in.


Why not?

Ribbery can’t play every game and Robben is off in the summer. They want to give him the Sancho treatment.

Bayern are trying to invest in youth right now, it took them way too long IMO.


@SDGooner @Darkseid

I think it’s a safer bet to go somewhere which perhaps has a little less pressure. Bayern haven’t shown too much patience with young talent and someone like Hudson-Odoi is arriving in Germany without much of a senior career behind him, expectations to emulate Sancho’s success will be quite high and I’d just rather see him hone himself in a different kind of environment.

It’s true that Robben and Ribery are having reduced roles / leaving in the summer but all that really means is there is more pressure on the kid to replace them.


I get your point, it would be safer to test himself without the pressure of playing at top club such as Bayern.

Then again if he really is as good as some think when given the opportunity he should take to it like a duck to water, if he does end up at Bayern it will be interesting to see his development over the next few years that’s for sure.


Think Bayern are going back to their pre-Robbery status anyways.

You know, where they were back in the mid-2000s. A bit irrelevant, or nowhere near as relevant as they have been recently.


In Europe they’re a disappointnent.

The illusion of their dominance is nonexistent outside of Germany.

Considering the players they have had one CL in so many years is farcical IMO.


Surprised they don’t go for Brandt? He’s still young and fairly experienced at this point too. Knows the league etc.


For the record here’s who Moley says we are looking at:

Lloyd Kelly

Judge him in February.


Is this the guy you talk to on msn?


Mostly plays on the wing…would be a really good signing IMO. I would prefer him over Suarez.


That’s a club… Jokes over your head hah




That sounds like a joke list haha


Didn’t Moley say we’re signing Dembele ?


I don’t think he said when so when we get him in 7 years after he’s had two season long injuries treble will be reviving those posts.


He’s the first one that brought the guys name up, and said we were efforting, which was true. Never said we had signed him. Although he called the Auba transfer a month in advance.