Ivan Gazidis


What’s your argument for Emery being a poor appointment again?


No! Why on Earth would you encourage him?


You have to lock this thread if he starts another ramble


He has no clue what he’s talking about tbh

Emery’s appointment as manager should not be the focus (even though objectively it’s a sound and reasonable appointment all things considered) when discussing Ivan abilities as Chief Executive.

You should look at the processes around the hiring of the new manager, which nobody at the club has done in 20 years. Ivan did an excellent job imo of sourcing candidates, evaluating their records and assesses when they can bring to the club.

The entire process was very discrete, respectful and time efficient too. That’s excellent management in my book, which is pretty typical of Ivan


I think we’ve lagged behind our competitors on commercial deals, which is Gazidis responsibility


You think it or you have evidence of it?


I don’t really buy that, I think our deals are proportionate to our performance and size as a club if anything it’s above average considering out inability to really compete/ deep CL runs.

Although we take less compared to other top clubs in the Emirates shirt sponsorship deal it actually provides better stability in terms of financial planning in the long and short term with the bonus of continuing a long-term partnership with a sponsor whose really committed to football. Makes total sense to me

We’re getting the same amount or more than Liverpool City, Chelsea but have more security.

Plus we’ve been signing alot of smaller commercial deals over the last couple of years too over a range of emerging industries and foreign markets. Aren’t we like the first Cryptocurrency and electric car sponsor. That’s great diversification

The next shirt manufacturer deal will be the one we can see if we’re behind or not.


If that were true the end result wouldn’t’ve been hiring Unai Emery, lol.

Yeah, I’ve laid out enough why he’s a poor appointment, no need to do it again. This, and probably other Arsenal forums but I wouldn’t know, is literally the only place on earth where you’ll find a majority that actual thinks Emery is good. It’s a deluded reality, aside from a few oasis that still haven’t been driven away like @SDGooner @A.F. and @Aussiegooner @TheSpecialCnut (as much as it hurts me to include a barbarian in the list). But whatever, people will see that soon enough, unless they are happy enough with 5th or most likely 6th and potentially winning a mickey mouse competition that even Wenger probably would’ve won in a normal year without a club the quality of Atléti dropping in.

(tbf, for comprehensiveness’ sake, pretty sure @Persona realises this and just doesn’t care because he supports BvB more, and perhaps @will24 too but as I don’t remember them pronouncing themselves on the issue I don’t include them)


TSC is fine with Emery no?


That wasn’t my memory and I’d be extremely surprised if that were the case, but he’ll have to say himself.


He’s a B-class manager, but still an improvement over Wenger and a much better option than someone like Arteta.

We will improve just because of better recruitment and not having Wenger. Not because of Emery.


Not so sure about that, him and his colleagues are excellent at coaching and made Areola a great goalkeeper had their teams well drilled good use of tactics etc, to say its just recruitment is a bit far fetched.


FAVREIGN. :laca:

I was happy when Wenger was let go. I wanted Allegri or ze German who must not be named. Emery wasn’t someone I wanted or expected. Now he’s here and had his underwhelming £50m summer, I’m not expecting many trees to be taking from their place.

EDIT: From when he was announced. Lol.


Once again, focus on the actual process of finding the manager rather than the man himself.

Even people who don’t really fancy Emery can see the basis behind his appointment and that he’s not an ridiculous option at all considering the manager market


My recollection is that your criticisms were all points that could be made against some of the greatest managers. Ie didn’t win the league 1 season and didn’t win the CL. You can make the same criticism against every manager.


pretty much how i feel tbh


Who would replace Gazidis?


Bye bye Gazidis. Welcome back Big Weng.


That’s pretty harsh. Just from Emery’s style of play we’ll improve.

High pressing teams like Spurs and Liverpool in recent years have clearly faired better than us. The entire squad will be drilled tactically and we’ll be a much more energetic and tenacious side. The high tempo and direct style he’s going to bring has been missing from us for years.


Pochettino and Klopp are better managers than Emery

That fall under the “not Wenger” part of the improvement, what you can expect of any manager that isn’t shit.