Ivan Gazidis


In his latest interview he’s came out with this BS

We’re making progress in what is a fiercely competitive world, against competitors that have the capability to spend far more money than we do. We’re doing it by being very, very disciplined; spending money where we believe it makes a difference, but also giving young players a chance and believing in ourselves and our values.

Pretty sure swiss ramble said we are one of the ritchest clubs in the world :joy::joy:


That sentence by Gazidis should be translated into Latin and used as our club motto.


I hope we lose 8-2 to Liverpool.


Based on his comments i don’t understand what the point of leaving Highbury was ? Someone please try and explain to me.


Yes Ivan Yes…

Because we fucking allow them to every year. Not because we can’t afford to. So you cunts (the board) can take the moral high ground when we don’t win fuck all.

Cunt off.


Because Highbury was living on borrowed time to be allowed use within the CL, The Pitch wasn’t big enough and could not be made any bigger.

Because Other teams were building bigger stadiums, reaping more money and we needed to keep up with them…unfortunately, they had financial options available to them that made this process incredibly cheaper to them…IE, the Etihad stadium build costs not being borne by City at that time, but by the local government…this alternative method doesn’t always work out though, see Cov City for evidence of this…


Shame the club isn’t applying this principle to the position that requires the most difference (some would argue it’s more a case of urgency than difference)


So we’re signing Griezman?


Many more years of being irrelevant in Europe to come! :raised_hands:


We are irrelevant in the league as well.


He also said we have a squad good enough to win the league and used finishing 2nd behind Leicester as proof of this. When in reality that confimed we’ll never win it again under Wenger.

You can’t possibly make up the never ending bullshit these jokers come up with every fucking season.

When you’re being managed by a joker and the powers that be are mostly jokers it’s no surprise that we’re a laughing stock to many.


But it’s all Arsenes fault and once we get a new manager things will change…:joy:

Prepare your anus arsenal fanatics.


Christ you’re boring, every post is the same old shite. If you can’t acknowlege there are problems fair enough but get off your cross and give us all a break.


Pretty sure I acknowledged there are problems. Big problems that aren’t going to be fixed when Arsene leaves, that was the whole point of my post. *climbs down off my cross


Deloitte agrees



Not sure what his recent comments are all about, but the timing seems completely wrong and won’t satisfy a lot of people.


What’s new? This club is a PR nightmare. The “Shit on the Fans at Every Turn” strategy is all the rage in the PR world.


The move from Highbury to Emirates long term was the right one, because let’s face it, if we didn’t move back then in 2006, we would’ve had to eventually. So many other teams have had to find ways now of increasing stadium sizes who are a decade behind us, such as Spurs, Liverpool. West Ham leaving Upton Park completely for a new home. Chelsea still trying to find ways of expanding their ground. Everton with the same problem.

Would’ve loved to have stayed at Highbury forever but without the move, we’d have been accussed of standing still on that as well.

We have everything we need now. It’s just ultimately down to the people in charge at board level and management level that lack ambition and that is what’s really holding the club back.


If we didn’t leave Highbury we’d be even further behind now.

We are just hanging on by the skin of our teeth.

Objective: Top 4
Bonus: Win the title.

This is our 5 to 10 year plan.


There seems to be a weird disconnect at the club between the quote Ivan gives, the quotes Arsene gives and the unattributed content that goes out on the official Twitter feed or in released statements.

Ivan says that we’re trying to spend smarter or wait for the right target.
Arsene almost immediately defends the team’s conduct.
The statement re: Holding signing has a snarky line at the bottom assuring supporters that the team is still active (whatever that means).

Obviously the summer has been somewhat of a wet fart as far as transfers go for the club, but there’s something weird behind the scenes. I’m not sure if it’s Arsene, Ivan, Stan or “the market” itself.