Ivan Gazidis

Gazidis has been patient and he probably thought Wenger would be gone by now and he’d have control. Imagine partnering with your dad in a business and he’s told you for so long that he’d hand over the reigns and retire but then he hits 62, 65, 68, 70, 72 and he’s still there.



If this is the case why do the stupid fucks keep on renewing his contract…simple really if there is a disconnect between wenger and how the people upstairs want to do things GET RID OF HIM!

Just a couple of years ago, Ivan made comments that Arsenal were on Bayern’s level financially and could do big things. Now, he is talking up promoting youth and a club that had 53 things go right and never will again to emulate.

Cool story, Ivan.


I would like to know about the core values we have and how the players buy into ? that Ivan was waffling on about .

Just recently went on waffling about more of his usual bullshit to the press.

Few years ago he boasts about the financial firepower and being able to afford ANYONE not named Messi or Ronaldo.

Can’t even get Lacazette, heh.

Very disappointing. Everything is just very disappointing. The squad doesn’t really make sense, the manager sucks, the brass is tarnished. Something stinks at this club and I can’t wait until things get blown up.


What makes you think anything will change as long as Stan owns the club? He’s already made some worrying statements about not getting into sports for the sake of winning and is committing an actual billion dollars to his LA project.

I think it’s more likely that Stan leans on the club for extra cash rather than turning around and pouring money in, or allowing money to be used. I’m sure we’ll see an uptick in spending because our new manager won’t be so passive or paralyzed by the new market norms but I can’t imagine us going nuts. We may even see an American style “general manager” to oversee transfers.



We’re wealthier than the club that just spent £75m on a 29 year old striker so I’m absolutely not interested in more bullshit from Gazidis and co.


Beginning to hate this cunt, he’s just a patsy that allows Wenger to continue his fraudulent dictatorship, genuinely hope he follows Wenger out the door some of these days soon.


Thanks for posting this Cannon. That’s what I alluded too earlier in the thread.

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Arsenal clearly beleive that you can fool enough of the people all of the time ! :wenger2:


This is probably one of those other things that only Arsenal do in the market. Pretend you’re poor so people are nice to you and don’t stretch you. Come on mate, this is my last 29 million!!

It probably has the opposite effect though. If Ivan phoned up my club and said we want to buy your striker, I’d just hang up.

Would your secretary even bother answering the phone when AFC’s caller ID pops up?

It’s very difficult to support Arsenal right now. I don’t blame the supporters who are mad. With the money we have there is absolutely no reason Lacazette, Mahrez, and Mustafi can’t be done tomorrow. Ox, Theo, and Debuchy out should net us at least 40m or more. So net spend of 70m or so shouldn’t be a big deal.

Why did I have turn on my TV in 2006 and feel the need to watch Arsenal vs Barcelona in the CL final? I wish I hadn’t fallen in love with the club, then there wouldn’t be all these years of heartbreak. I should have just supported United for that instant gratification and more endorphins to my brain.


I agree with this mainly except for the bolded. It’s not about the money though, players don’t really want to come here anymore. We can AFFORD them, but we can’t attract them that easily, and that’s because of all the crap we’ve pulled over the past 5 years or so. Our name has to be mud in the agent world and with clubs that we’ve tried to do “business” with.


Seems like Wenger has a totally different philosophy from Gazidis/club.

Gazidis talked about very disciplined to spend money, Wenger is very disciplined not spending money.

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We definitely don’t do enough to make ourselves desirable. Ozil and Alexis stalling on their contracts has me worried but I can’t blame them.

We could easily go out and and offer the release clause for Griezmann like Juve did with Higuain and change the entire dynamic of how people view this club, or simply do what all the other big boys do and offer the wages - pass Mahrez a contract for 200k a week that will make him force the move and watch the Foxes try and match that. People will say, ‘oh what about our wage structure,’ but when you actually look at the wage structure it’s complete garbage anyway.

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