Ivan Gazidis


My god, the propaganda machine really is in full gear haha.


Lol! Don’t think so.


“High pressing” qualifies as propaganda? Have you ever watched football? Those aren’t just words, they actually refer to something happening on the pitch lmao


Well it was Emery who embarrassed Klopp in the Europa League final with Sevilla, so we’ll see what he can do with much better players.


You’re missing the point. Of course high pressing refers to something on the pitch, wtf are you on about? It’s propaganda as far as putting all those things together, it’s clear you really haven’t an idea who Unai Emery really is, or haven’t watched his teams over the years.


Bruv, why are you so arrogant?


I’m not, when dealing people who are saying reasonably sensible things. I actually was arrogant when I first signed up to this forum, because I had never really participated in internet discussion in my life and only really had a player’s point of view, which is a very limited one (as Michael Owen can attest :wink: ). I’ve learned a lot from people on this forum over the years, and as such, if you paid attention, I took a deferent attitude toward those people in past years-- unfortunately not many of them are around or use the forum that often, and the first sentence in this message doesn’t apply too often.


It would take years to unpack that


lol little repressed Jakey having a go whenever he can, envy moves the world.


of you?! :arteta:


No mate, of you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Lol dude you’ve been making these “repressed” digs, so at least have the self awareness not to criticise me for something you’re doing yourself just as frequently


I get it, post-irony is not your cup of tea :slight_smile:


Actually I do know what he is, and his team’s have pressed to win the ball high up the pitch and are much more direct than what we’ve seen at Arsenal. That alone will be a noticeable change.

It’s no wonder that you’re known as the biggest shit poster on this forum mate.


You compared his high pressing to that of Klopp’s and Pochettino’s, lol, and you’ve said some hilarious things in the Giroud thread. Keep calling other people shit posters :grimacing: :+1:


I miss the pro-Wenger AC (ArseneCuellar that is), wherefore art thou comrade?

For the support and participation in the general crusade against BradyMagic, I’ll always have a soft spot for you friendo. A bit like Wenger and his early years :wenger:


Are you this confrontational in real life or is it just ur online troll like persona?




I didn’t compare them at all, where’s the comparison? I mentioned being more direct and pressing to win the ball higher up the pitch is something we’ve needed to add to our game. Liverpool and Spurs have successfully done this in recent seasons, but I’m not suggesting that they are the same at all.

You’re one of these guys who needs to take what someone says and stretch it as far as possible, because you’re the smartest person in the world I suppose.


Very much the latter, I’m about as unconfrontational as it gets in real life, @will24 can attest I think; that and ending up with my one social media use being a football forum where by default it will be reigned by dullards, and you get my persona here.

Read what you wrote again…

I’m sorry, but if you have a real familiarity with Emery, and you can read tone, it’s hard not to think it sounds kinda funny.

Long story short, I matured out of my anti-tactics mentality with the help of some good posters here and the basic reality of aging (:grimacing:), realised the obvious, Wenger is shit, and none of this had any bearing on on that AC being able to see that BradyMagic was a shitmouth whose brain produced more shit than my ass hole has in decades…and I don’t suffer from constipation.