Ivan Gazidis


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Has he gone yet? #Gazidisout :unai:


This is the deep state. :hipster::laca:




Lol scenes


Not buying it til it’s on Arsenal.com.


I hope not, i may be in the minority but i feel he did quite a bit for the club and getting the backroom sorted and getting us integrated with all these new people and felt he was doing a good job. I feel he has more to offer and what he has doe thus far without being hampered has been quite good. If he goes who the fuck are we gonna replace him with? Is it a rumour that we could get Dein back or was it someone saying we should do it?


Will bring in Arsene as manager and will be part of a take over funded by Mathiu Flamini and his new found wealth :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Will he really be missed here?
He can go to AC Milan and start lying to their supporters instead.


what a farce. Hopefully its just nonsense paper talk. Why would he just walk away when his position is at its most powerful.


Well that would be 1/3 useless fucks in important decision making positions gone. Progress, I guess.


if it is true, they could replace him with someone far worse for all we know could be someone like Josh Kreonke. I really dont think Ivan is as bad as people make him out to be and i reckon he has done a lot behind the scenes even getting commercial stuff done getting new staff in etc i think it would be a shame to go now when we are just about to see what he can do. I think he will do wonders for Milan if he went and then people will say we were stupid to let him go for whoever it is we appoint.


This is true, unfortunately.

Oh yes, he is. He let Wenger stay as manager until 2018, couldn’t think of anything better than to hire Unai Emery as his first managerial hire ever, and has shown zero foresight or vision or anything that would set him apart in the least on the financial side. Like Giroud, no hay por donde cogerle. But surprise surprise, despite it all, deluded Arsenal fans will somehow find a way…


The irony is that Josh Kroenke is a pretty good executive for the Denver Nuggets. Seems to be more vested than his daddy

It would be a big loss to lose Ivan. Even worse trying to find his replacement, let’s hope he’ involved in the process. It’s a a tough job to find the right person.

In fairness to Kroenke he does tend to find decent front office people


Still don’t believe it. It sounds such a big bollock.


I can’t be the only one who doesn’t really know what these guys do.

I have no idea if Ivan is a top 5 club CEO or a top 500 club CEO.


ask Abou he seemingly knows everything about every single iota that is Arsenal :xhaka:



On how it suits the character assassination of Wenger, specifically lol


or the defense of Wenger tbh


All I know about Gazidis are the simple facts I stated above, which are really indisputable; only one that could be qualified is we don’t know how much of his decision the poor hiring of Emery is, but from all accounts it looks like he was the very least an important actor in the decision.