Is Alli one if the best young players in the world?


Just as mature as declaring “other people agree with me I must be right”

The post above was more to point out that while some may, not everyone agrees alli is better

I could easily say “IMO, AND of others rashford is better, it wouldn’t lend my opinion any more weight would it?


Oh is that what I said? I must have written the “I must be right” part in invisible ink. Some people think Alli is better than Rashford, that is all I meant by it.


Well it read as if you thought hardly anyone would disagree that alli is better, My post tagging abou was to point out that isn’t not the case


Honestly, when I look around the world of football, I think that young, genuine midfielders who are good at real midfield play, like Ceballos or Llorente, are actually the rarity.

Goal scoring 10s/shadow strikers or 7s that could be used as goal scoring 10s don’t strike me as nearly as rare. Your comment would perhaps make more sense if Alli were an 8 or something resembling an 8, but even then, we’ve seen the pitfalls of relying on a goal-scoring 8 (Ramsey in our case). I prefer a true, proper midfield player…give me Xavi, Kroos, Modric, Verratti, Thiago, Koke…


Ali is a big time talent, however, I do get what some are saying with regard to him. If you watched Spuds recently particularly against West Ham you can see that a lot their play breaks down when it reaches him, more than a few of their attacking phases of play came to nothing when the ball came to him and this was at a point when they could have put the game against West Ham to bed.

I don’t think he’s efficient enough at this point, he scores goals sure and makes fantastic runs but he’s game has stalled a little IMO and that’s one of the reasons why he plays so close to goal. He isn’t playing as a #10 at top echelons as he is now and doesn’t quite have the game to play that is required of a CM at a top club either.


Where as rashford on the other hand on track to be a key player for Manchester United,

Obviously he could end up not making it too but as much as I think he’s a cunt the fact that mouriniho seems to trust him makes me pretty confidant he will go on to be a top top player


Also Ali plays for the scum, so fuck him he’s shit.


Your in for it now


This is a pretty balanced view I think… I would just point out as well that he is 21, has 76 appearances and is now a key player for a team fighting for CL spots… he has 30 goals and 17 assists during those appearances and is definitely one of their more important players.

I don’t rate him as highly as Mbappe, but to be fair, I haven’t watched much of Mbappe… what I am pretty impressed with re: Alli is that he is fearless - wants to get on the ball and be the man at critical times and fights until the end. He is someone that isn’t fun to play against (regardless of his cuntiness)…

Wrt Wilshere, I think using one game against Barca as basis to say he is better is kind of invalid… yeah, it is a big indicator that he can produce some great quality, but I’d have to say over 50+ games and taking into consideration age, Alli has the edge over Wilshere apples/apples - Jack just never did it consistently or long enough. And all the recent excitement over Jack is largely down to a performance against… Doncaster? His time at Bournemouth was successful by all accounts but I’m not sure we would expect anything less than a good Arsenal player being the best player at a club like Bournemouth…


It’s not about who’s better it’s about potential, for a player to do what wilshire did over 2 legs against Barcelona was enough to show he had the potential to be up their with the very best, alli has been very consistent is is a very good player, I’m not sure he has ever put in a performance that would make you think he could be up their with the very best in his position

Also if you were to read on my point was that I wouldn’t have rated wilshire as 2nd best prospect in the world in the same way alli isn’t


Well it wasn’t supposed to. Of course I’m aware that not everyone will have the same opinion – that is the joy of football. All I was trying to do was explain why I think Alli has been placed higher than Rashford on the list. Both talented players but I personally think Alli has the higher ceiling, you disagree. That’s that.


Other people disagree too :stuck_out_tongue:


So glad I mentioned the list now. Screw you list


Rating of prospects is kind of funny business anyway, isn’t it? Like I said, a player who has 70+ senior caps and 30 goals, etc. by 21 for a CL quality (hehe) club is pretty damn impressive and one might even say “he isn’t a prospect any more - nailed on starter for a top 4/5 club.”

Wilshere to me had a bit of magic about him and it was incredibly seductive to think how good he could be, following on the footsteps (albeit differently) of our wonderful Cesc - but Alli is very effective player who has a pretty lengthy and impressive resume now. He might not turn out as good as Mbappe, Dembele, Assensio, etc. (and I would tend to agree with you there), but he is absolutely belonging in the conversation on merit. Predicting how much headroom a player has (i.e., additional potential) is really, really hard anyway.


Ha. And poor Alex Iwobi. It’s like we’re all having a party in his house while he is locked outside :grin:


For what it’s worth I’d bet that I’d you looked at these sort of lists over the years the players listed 25 will have gone on to be better than most of the top 10 or whatever, they really don’t mean much


Why? Question the validity of such lists by all means but I don’t think I see any reason to think that the players towards the bottom of these lists consistently prove to be better than those at the top.

Whilst not explicitly stated, I feel the clear implication here is that goalscoring ‘midfielders’ like Alli aren’t rare. Frankly my knowledge is most likely lacking, so I don’t mean this question to seem like a “gotcha!”, but who else of a similar age is posting goal scoring numbers like Alli?


I actually agree to a certain extent. Alli plays more of a support striker rather than a midfielder. But he is more than capable of playing deeper if required.


I just ment to that theirs as much chance that the player listed 25th would go on to be better than the player listed 9th and then the player listed 9th could also go on to be better than the players listed 1-3 or whatever not that as a rule the player listed 25th will do better than the top rated ignore that makes makes sense


How many are getting a similar amount of starts? If alli played for a bigger club than thotenham chances are he wouldn’t be have had as many minutes as he has had over the past few years

Put any of the top ten in that list in spurs first team for the passed few years and chances are they would have similar or better numbers no?