Is Alli one if the best young players in the world?

Rated as the 25th hottest u21 prospect in world football according to L’Equipe

  1. Asensio 2. Alli 3. Mbappe

Surely alli is being extremely over rated here?

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When a 21 year old non striker has 30 goals in his first 75 Premier League games you have to expect he’s rated right up in the top echelon.


Yeah, but putting him in the same bracket with Asensio, Mbappe, Dembele, and Jesus is nonsense, frankly. He’s just not as good as those guys/that level of talent. Mbappé has to be #1 over Asensio for me, otherwise the top 4 can go in pretty much any order as long as those four are included.

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I’m guessing Lemar and Gnabry are not considered because they’re now 21?

I’m not sure being the best under 21 means that much though. It’s all about how they develop. You get some players who burst on the scene doing really well and you assume they’ll become world class but then they actually regress. Look at Wilshere, Chamberlain, Gotze, Sahin, Pato. Most people rated Jese over Morata when they were coming through.

EDIT and once upon a time Sanogo was joint top scorer at the under 21s European Championship alongside Morata…


It almost certainly isn’t nonsense. Alli is a very talented young player who has been operating at a high level in the Premier League and producing exceptional returns for a player of his age in his position.

He has an abundance of talent. Don’t let your anti-English player bias cloud your judgment. He deserves to be in that bracket.


But he doesn’t look as graceful and have that Mediterranean charisma :eyes:

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Yeah, if his name was Dele Alliano and he played for Juventus and someone said he was world class, people would believe that he was. Not everybody does this - I know a lot of people follow European football closely, but some people won’t see a single minute of said player but because he plays for Real Madrid and is called something exotic he must be good and they won’t question his position on a list such as this.

Yet when it comes to a player they see week in week out who clearly has an abundance of talent - “nah, over rated mate”.

We’d all love for Alli to be not all that, what with him playing for our rivals and being a bit of a twat, but it’s clear as day that he is up there with the best young players at the moment.

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Is deli alli now better than jack wilshire was at 21?

A better goalscorer yes, but not a better playmaker.


You honestly think alli could boss a midfeild against xavi and inesta yeah?

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Completely different type of players so it’s hard to compare…


Nog disagreeing with your overall point, but Gotze and Sahin don’t really fit in that list imo. When you carve out a career as a starter for BVB you are a really good player. Not world class maybe, but still.

This Xenophobic attitude towards English football and English players got boring a while ago.

Pretty sure your question was whether he’s a better player at 21.

Gotze and Neymar were considered the best 2 under 21s in the world back then, with Gotze averaging a goal or assist a game for a few seasons IIRC. Wenger wanted Gotze to replace Fabregas. Sahin won bundesliga player of the year aged 22.

Neither were world class for seniors but neither are any of the world class under 21s today maybe with the possible exception of Mbappe.

Well 21 or under as per that list

Alli is very good

Jack wilshire was man of the match against the best midfeild possibly ever seen in the modern game

To say alli is better than jack at hat age is a massive stretch and is based on his record of scoring against mainly lesser opposition

If you were to compare Alli to anyone it’s Lampard and Gerrard who were really doing no better at 20/21.

I don’t know why people want to knock him other than because he’s a mega cunt. Kane and Alli are already one of the most effective 9/10 combos in PL history. They’re about the only part of the England team I’m alright with.


Basically is a striker.

This is you creating your own drama. a) I don’t have an English player bias, if anything the opposite b) He most surely isn’t in that bracket, frankly. I think you could even name a couple more that would go above him on the list, but there’s just no way he’s in that bracket with those four.

Asensio is the only one of those 4 that is Mediterranean, and frankly, Alli is probably rated as high as he is in part because of how graceful some of his goals have looked…in terms of ‘graceful’ Alli > Jesus.

Gerrard and Lampard were central midfielders though. Alli plays incredibly high up the pitch and doesn’t have a midfield game as those two did. Tbh if you gave me the choice between Alli and Ceballos, for example, I wouldn’t have much doubt in choosing the latter.

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