Is Alli one if the best young players in the world?


I haven’t seen anything that impressive from him played deeper, closer to goal is what plays to his strengths.

He’s going to have to improve a great deal if he wants to play for a top club because they won’t be playing him as a #10 and as a CM he doesn’t have the all round game at the moment.

He’s young so time will tell.


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This comes across as a rebuttal to an argument I’ve made, but I really was just asking a question rather than coming at it from one standpoint on either side of the argument.

I was genuinely just asking if there are many other young attacking midfielders scoring similar amounts to Alli, because AC seemed to be saying that it isn’t that rare a thing compared to a different archetype.

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It wasn’t a rebuttal more just pointing out that allis numbers in comparison to the others on the list will probably be better due to the amounts of minutes he gets at spurs and not due to him being a better player


Definitely one of the best young players around, but reading @AbouCuellar’s post was really good. I didn’t think about it before but I actually want something different from my midfielders. Sure scoring goals is key (obviously) but spurs could probably do with someone who controls the game. They have plenty of goals in them, and Iniestaesque and Xavi showed you need much more than goals to be a complete midfielder. Although to be fair he seems pretty good at creating chances.

Also, good idea whichever mod split the thread. Much prefer when discussions like these get their own thread so the topic can be discussed in much more detail!


Surely the most effective 9/10 played for you guys, and you’re saying Alli and Kane should be in a similar conversation? Come on now, they’re very good but even within five places of Henry/bergkamp? (Even though Henry wasn’t really an out and out number 9 he was your main goal scorer year after year).


Next few years will be key in his development as it may well be that if he’s not scoring he’s not impacting the game a la Walcott.

Right now that seems to be where he’s at.


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Re: my post Jakey, this is what I said.

Just looking at the L’Equipe list, here are the players that you could play in a tactical deployment like Alli’s and see them possibly even flourish more (we have to remember, for a footballer, in terms of stats and freedom, playing as a shadow striker is the most privileged position; it’s much more common to see 10s that can’t play as 9s or as 7s or whose game is limited in that position–think Arshavin, Özil–than it is to see the other way around):

Gabriel Jesus
Leroy Sané
¿Kai Havertz? (don’t know enough of him to know if he could play as a 10 or as an advanced 8 in a tweaked system)


That’s just going to 25 on the list. Now, if you ask, which of those first 25 is a real midfield player, you’re left with:

Kai Havertz

**on the first list, if you wanted to really stretch it you might even include people like Dolberg, Werner, and Rashford, who can play in two striker systems, which is again, just a small tactical switch from Tottenham’s Kane-Alli combo.


I appreciate the response :+1:


They deserve to be in a conversation when the names that often get mentioned are the likes of Shearer / Sutton, Shearer / Ferdinand, Cole / Beardsley, Cole / Yorke, Drogba / Lampard and Kane / Alli from Jan 16 have been banging them in. 25 years of the PL, 20 teams in the league, even if you’re the 7th best combo you can still be considered one of the best I reckon :thinking:

Personally I would pick Henry/Bergkamp #1 and Drogba/Lampard #2 btw :slight_smile:. The rest are all the same kind of thing for me.


I hope other top european clubs see him as one of the best young players in Europe because they might buy him.
Surely he, like Kane and Eriksen, will be tempted away by bigger clubs willing to pay them more than the relatively low wages spurs pay them.

He is a very good player and possibly one of the best young players in the PL, along with Rashford, but he isn’t even spurs best midfielder.


Fair, never thought of it like that, just judging them by the ridiculous standards of Henry/bergkamp so of course I’m gonna think they’re pretty much just “okay” compared.

If you’re born early 90s or before there are literally no two better forwards in tandem than those two at arsenal in that time. I’d even take them over ronaldo/Rooney/Tevez if it meant you were allowed to have an extra player on your team, and Christ even just about slightly better than kaka/Sheva 04-05 who played my favourite football ever.


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