Is Alli one if the best young players in the world?


I mean, he’s won PFA Young Player of the Year two times, to Jack’s one.

He’s remained fit, scored more goals and been in a broadly more successful team - two consecutive title challenges.

I appreciate Jack operated in a different position, but the overall impact Alli has had on the League is far higher than Jack’s - and I am a massive fan of Wilshere (his performance over two legs against Barcelona was incredible).

He plays for Spurs and is a twat, but objectively he is an incredible talent.


I’m not questioning wether he is any good, I’m asking is he really better than mbappe and I heap of other players on that list

I guess it’s a matter of opinion wether jack was as good or had as much potential at the same age,

the reason I bring that up is I doubt jack wilshire would have been ranked 2nd best prospect in the world at the time and I don’t hunk delli Ali is now


Your point was about Wilshere specifically, but fine.

Why is Alli not at the level of the young players on that list? Mbappe has proven in knockout rounds of the CL he can bag goals, which sets him apart, but I don’t see why Alli shouldn’t be up there.


He should a lot closer to number 25 on that list that 1st


Goal scoring midfielders are hard to come by let alone ones that are u23. Ali rightfully deserves to be high on that list.


Marc Rashford is #9 on the list which is arguably as odd as Alli


Rashford should be higher than alli IMO


Why those 4? Dembele passes to the opposition as much as Oxlade Chamberlain. Asenio as technically good as he looks hasn’t got nearly the same amount of game time to prove himself week in week out. And Mbappe as devastating as he’s been has only been doing it for 6 months and often off the bench against tired legs.

We’ve no idea how these careers will progress.

Gerrard at his best played as a 10, he was all over the place as a CM


Absolutely no chance. Not even comparable.


your telling theirs absolutely no chance at all that rashford will be a better player than alli honestly? Absolutely no chance at all?

If rashford was at Tottenham he would be starting every single game and getting numbers similar to alli, alli isn’ta better prospect than rashford IMO


It’s about right now though. Nobody knows who will be the better player in 5 years time. But at this moment in time, Alli is the one playing the better football and the one who looks the hotter prospect and so therefore deserves to be higher than Rashford.

Not sure how you can possibly know this.


THe list is of the 25 best 21 and under prospects, by definition that means in the future and not now, is that not what a prospect means??


Well I’m Not sure how you can’t KNOW alli is a better prospect than rashford as this descusion is a matter of opinion, you can’t prove a hypothetical

On that point though I would go as far as saying if alli was in Utds squad he’d have barely played a first team game for them at this stage in his career

If rashford has been in spurs squad for the passed 2 seasons he would be rated as highly as kane and alli are in my opinion


Yes and as I said, you can only judge that on what they’ve done so far. IMO - and the opinion of others too - Alli is better. He has better numbers than Rashford and overall looks the better prospect. Whether this turns out to be the case in years to come, we can only wait and see. But for now, Alli is showing more signs of being a complete player than Rashford (albeit Rashford is younger) and it won’t be long before top clubs are tripping over themselves to sign him, if they’re not already.

If you disagree then fair enough. As you said, it’s all a matter of opinion.


you have to factor in the clubs they play for when you look at their numbers,

I don’t think it’s crazy to say rashford would have more minutes played and better numbers if he had been playing for spurs for the passed few seasons than mouriniho and van gals utd do you?

If alli has been a utd player his whole career he would only have a few starts to his name at this point in his career, in comparison rashford is becoming one of the most important players (under mouriniho no less) in utds squad and is younger than alli,

If alli was a utd player and rashford was a spurs player rashford would have the better numbers so basing you assesment on that alone is a flawed way to assess their potential IMO


Maybe, maybe not. If you want to judge a player based on how you think they’d perform at a different/worse club then that’s your prerogative. For me, it’s not just about how many games they’ve started though. It’s about how they have both performed. Rashford is a good player, no doubt, and an exciting prospect but I feel like I’ve seen more from Alli. He’s more consistent and is improving constantly whereas I think Rashford is lacking that superstar quality which Alli possesses.


Yeah I’m not convinced there’s much in it between Rashford and Alli. Not really sure how good Rashford is honestly, I go back and forth a bit on him, and don’t watch him consistently enough to say for sure. But Alli is being massively overrated here. He’s a goal scoring #10 who is average to poor in every other facet of the game. At first I rated him because he came with the reputation of being a real midfield player, but it’s clear he’s not really that and that it’s not just the tactical position Poch has deployed in him, but rather his qualities dictating the tactical position Poch deploys him in.

I’m not really sure who’s better between the two but I do get the feeling if I had to choose, that I’d go with Rashford. Would prefer a goal scoring forward with dribbling ability than a flawed #10, there are lots of players out there who can make for a good #10 or can be moved a bit higher up the pitch as an 8 and make for a better team overall. Goal scoring forwards are not common or easy to find, especially if Rashford also can be a #9 again, as he started out.


Before this season how good would you have said a Young player would have to have been for moriniho to even consider him having place in his squad let alone put as much faith in him as mou seems to be doing with rashford?


Sorry @AbouCuellar in other people’s opinion alli is better just give it up mate


How mature :roll_eyes: