Drag Performers (and kids/schools)

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Are these drag story time shows for kids sexualised?

Hasn’t drag been a thing for thousands of years anyway? I don’t get why that’s an issue now unless they’re heavily sexualised in the presence of children

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Drag in itself is inherently sexual and should be nowhere near kids


Drag has existed for thousands of years lol it’s not exactly a new phenomenon…

I wasn’t talking about the story-times, though i disagree with them too, but the performances.

It’s not new but it’s not for kids


I’d like to tease out what you mean by this. Is it the government? Is it policy of any department?

Or is is a bunch of soundbytes by politicians to individual situations? And some twitter noise to go with it.

I could get into the Drag shows thing (though I don’t even know what you mean by drag shows for kids) but again, that’s a small individual thing and I’m more interested in the overall sentiment you’re expressing here.

Again, I’m more interested in the assertion about how big this trend is. From personal experience it may as well not exist but I recognise I am more removed from it than others. You described it as the new normal. It just isn’t that is it? ‘Normal’ is very much the same now as it always was.

Don’t waste your time, people once argued it appropriate for someone in drag called “flojob” who post 18+ content on SM to read to kids at school.

The logic was if the kids don’t get the sexual reference there’s no harm lol

Drag is not the same as panto either


No, it isnt. Mrs Doubtfire wasn’t sexual. Panto isn’t sexual. Mrs Brown’s Boys isnt sexual. They all involve drag, so drag is not inherently sexual, by the definition of inherent.

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Mrs doubtfire is not drag panto is not drag either and you no this to be true. Drag includes cross dressing but it’s performative hyper sexualized caricature of the famine. It’s distinct and different

I’ve been to some drag nights. I really doubt that’s what they’re doing in front of children :slight_smile:


Loads of children’s media has jokes included for the adults, that kids aren’t meant to understand.

If you’d be outraged by that Animaniacs joke, then you’re consistent, and fair play. Personally, I know a child wouldnt get a joke about fingering Prince, as I didn’t when I saw the above as a kid, so I genuinely wouldn’t mind my kid watching that episode. There is literally no harm.

By the same measure, a drag performer making a joke referring to a sexual act that a child wouldn’t get also wouldnt upset or outrage me.

The thing is, a lot of people (this is a general point, of course not aimed at anyone on here) would react very differently to the Animaniacs joke than they would a drag queen making a similar joke. Because one of the jokes is being made by a degenerate homosexual. For a lot of people, that’s what it comes down to with dressing up as a woman. Done by a straight man in a comedy kids film like Mrs Doubtfire, fine. Dressing up as a woman to read a story to some kids, not fine. Even when there’s no sexualisation present in both instances, a lot of people will have an issue with one and not the other.


Well the government pass the legislation so yeah it’s them, but I doubt it comes directly from their own minds because I find it hard to imagine any of the Tory boys giving a flying fuck about drag. America will set the cultural tone and through whatever mechanism it filters down, it ends up here.

I don’t know what your asking for really - my overall sentiment is that if you look at anything we would consider as traditional then the current trend is for it to be considered bad or if not bad then certainly as unimportant or replaceable.

Yeah but panto and family films are deliberately sanitised because they are for children. it’s not the dressing up that’s the problem. With story times you do have to factor in the motivation of the story-teller because of the proximity to the children. I’d be willing to bet that most drag performers do sexualise it or otherwise why do it? Basically, they fail the babysitter test so no way near a kid. As for the performances, they aren’t anywhere near as sanitised as a panto or a family movie and also there isn’t anywhere near the same level of oversight.

“I’d be willing to bet”

So basically you’ve got no fucking idea lol

What legislation directly attacks your ability to live your life traditionally?

For you to back up your position. You’re saying this:

But that simply doesn’t ring true to me. So what is it that makes you feel this way and how do you back up your assertion?

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When is drag not sexual? You seem to working under the presupposition that’s it’s not whe it is inherently sexual


So an adult male who has a sexualised stage name and performs sexually for adults isn’t getting sexual kicks out of dressing up as a woman? Give me a break. Then they decide hey I’d love to perform for kids. Red flag.


All drags are not peado’s but drag is not for kids

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Give an example, who are you taking about? What do you mean “performs sexually for adults”? Are you talking about strippers?! Cos so far it seens like a load of assumptions and generalisations and "I’d be willing to bet"s.

Give some specific examples of what’s got you so worked up and we can discuss the actual content of the examples you have provided. Because so far nobody is demonstrating the sexualised content of any of these performances for kids.

I gave you examples of drag performances.

Unless you can reference some explicit content to any performance, I’m not accepting that a bloke wearing a dress is inherently sexualised.