Andrew Tate

I think I agree, but surely if we don’t address the underlying issue then these types of people will keep manifesting?

Well I totally agree. it’s probably one of the main reasons why I shifted my political outlook. I think I’d probably ban any app like Tiktoc aimed at kids and teens.

Are you saying they were forced into becoming extremists? Not very alpha of them to have no personal agency or responsibility.

Stop being an idiot for once “turning to” does not equate to “forced to”. Let’s have a grown up conversation without nonsense at the moment I can’t deal with grown up babies


By who? And for what reason?

This just seems like an all encompassing statement that has an element of truth to it but is completely overblown if you analyse it a bit.

And the same with this. Even with the increase trans/non binary identifying people are still a tiny % of overall population. I appreciate you’re going to be a little bit closer to this than I am with your job as a teacher but I’m now 40 and in all my life I’ve personally known exactly 2 trans people. School, college, 20+ years working, friends, family etc.

Well it’s being done by the political class which is a bizarre turn of events. Mainly, it’s because they are weak and stand for nothing so they just flip flop along with the zeitgeist.

Take drag shows for kids. The idea that you could take children to a sexualised event 10 years ago is basically unthinkable. Today, if you object, you’ll be told that it’s an equivalent to a panto. If the political class were actually traditional then 100% this is instantly made illegal. You can map this kind of attitude onto practically everything. Sure, it’s overblown in the way I phrased it, but maybe by not as much as you think if we factor in the trend, i.e. it’s going to get worse.

Man, I’ve talked about this so many times, I’m not sure I’ve got a lot more to add. Though granted I am the one who brings it up. I think it’s a growing trend and dangerous and it’s supported by Ofsted etc. so I take it seriously, probably we’ll disagree.


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Hi @shamrockgooner , you were asking what legislation directly stops me from living a traditional life. Broadly speaking none. I guess I could cite education in relation to trans and the ‘decolonisation’ of the curriculum, as I am expected to teach that stuff or at least be in a building which is. It’s hard to answer because I’m more talking about cultural trends which bleed into different areas of life and also into government action or inaction and these trends often manifest as seemingly quite minor, but which taken as a whole probably aren’t…one personal example of this is how in a church school, in prayer, we also say thank you god for atheists. I mean this feels ridiculously minor and obviously about being tolerant, but for a Christian school to actually say something which basically means dear God thank you for making our country less christian is kind of absurd. It kind of makes me feel like we as a civilisation don’t really believe in anything anymore. I find that quite worrying. I’m not sure if this stuff is by design. It’s probably more people just acquiescing to the zeitgeist or not really thinking through it’s implication. I know this is in many ways a really weak response, but it’s how I feel and trying to put together a list of evidence is not really possible, in the same way that if someone said - tell me what’s so great about British culture it would be really fucking hard to put that into a list, even though we know the culture is real and that it’s largely been a great one. All I can say, and I’m not offering this up as evidence of something true, but as evidence of what people think, I think an awful lot of people feel the same way as me when I said that I feel tradition is under attack. And to bring it back to the topic, this helps explain Andrew Tate (who, by the way, became a Muslim precisely for some of the things I’ve mentioned).

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Yep. There we have it.

Thanks for the response though.

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I wouldn’t say that, labour policy that opened up immigration has a direct cause to why our generation can’t afford houses; no fault divorce a killed the meaning of working through your marriage.

Some marriages shouldn’t be worked through and partners in a marriage shouldn’t be scared of financial liability if they want out.

Covering up child sexual abuse in churches didn’t help trust in religion.


You missed the point, nowadays people get divorce for anything, even minor things which the way stands make getting married pointless

Stop fucking conflating an institution to people that believe in god, it’s getting fucking childish now, whatever issue you have I don’t give a fuck

If people are citing “minor things” for the reason they’re getting divorced I think maybe there’s some major issues at play in the marriage.

Nobody is just getting divorced over dirty dishes in the sink, or an unmade bed.

And even if they are, I’d still take that if it means making it easier for people to leave truly horrific situations.


There is a Capital G in God.

There is a silent TOP G in Andrew Tate.

Well the good DRs point was about people not believing in things.
You highlighted 2 points you found relevant. I posted another. :man_shrugging:

Wrong both times.

Again you are are interpreting what I am saying in very uncharitable manor, you are creating a narrative to argue against.

The fact you think before no fault divorce people that were in horrific situations couldn’t get divorced is hilarious.

Dude I just don’t care, what you think is irrelevant all you doing is showing how much of a sense prick you are.