Drag Performers (and kids/schools)

We really need to see some examples.


I’ll be careful with my words as I have no intention to cause offence, but LGBTX is pushed in the Primary curriculum from a young age. During lock down, BBC home learning was pushing some bollocks about there being over 70 genders to 5-7 year olds. Even little things like encouraging boys to play female roles and dress up is part of the ‘woke’ agenda. I’m not making this shit up.

What are the benefits to young children seeing drag acts would be my question? I’ll be honest though this isn’t something that I’ve seen but I have known for a drag queen to do an assembly in an inner City primary school. Parents (particularly those of a Muslim faith ) hit the wall.

Sex Ed has also been ramped up loads during my time (nearly ten years) as a primary school teacher. In my day, childbirth was about as far a it went. Now, erections, sexual organs and menstruation and the reasons for it are taught to 9 and 10 years.

Children are being exposed to more sexualised content in general through society. I would say schools play a part in sexuality being embraced.


No you gave examples of cross dressing what you are trying to do is conflate the two they may both involve dressing as women but for vastly different reasons. I would not take my child to a drag show like I won’t take them to a strip show. Not for kids

What are the negatives? Because it’s only the adults who are sexualising it :slight_smile:

Googled the definition of drag

I gave examples of drag.

I gave an example of Animaniacs to counter a point about sexual jokes in content or performances for kids.

Others should start giving examples to back up their strong rhetoric.

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I never thought the day would come where people advocate for hyper sexualized men dressed as women to be around kids and call it harmless. That grotesque and it’s the the defiling of childhood innocent to expose them to that crap


Even in the pictures from that google search shows hyper sexual men in women’s clothing


Well the women’s clothing part is sort of essential to drag. As for hyper sexualised, I do wonder if we have different definitions. Examples would help.

Edit: you just added the image, how about one I can actually fucking see ffs lol

Each to their own mate. Doesn’t do it for me.

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If you find men dressing up as woman sexual, then you might need a word with yourself :slight_smile:

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I think @ryaninho is conflating a person wearing clothes of the opposite sex with what we’d probably call a drag show performance for adults that can involve punny names for performers and sexually suggestive dancing.

It kinda brings me back to this and wondering who was in the right at that point in time.

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Even most of those are nights full of pure innuendo :slight_smile:

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Most drag Queens wear make up right and show quite a lot of flesh. This isn’t any less sexual than a stripper coming into a school in work clothes.

I’m not even going to mention the confusion the whole thing might cause.

I just don’t think schools are the place for this. I’d even argue that female teachers shouldn’t wear low cut tops. Does a five year old child care if they can see a bit of breast? Probably not but that’s beside the point.


Comparing apples to oranges really, 90s/00s shows like ren and stimpy were controversial during their production and airing. There’s a reason why the studios have generally phased out sexual innuendos from todays kids shows for primary school age kids which is why you went into your bag for that old clip

The medium and therefore impact upon kids is different, screen media involving animated characters is not the same as in person readings or performances.

Not really, The primary issue is someone who deals with adult content engaging with children and potential bleed over which can potentially lead to harm phycological and physical .

On Mrs Doubtfire, Cross dressing is not the same as drag it’s incorrect to conflate them. Men have been performing as ladies since antiquity but people who do drag will tell you it’s a specific subset unique on to itself with a distinct underground history that was originally tied to sexual expression through performance, the drag act has ameliorated which has lead it to become more generally acceptable in the mainstream

This is a troubling position to have. A child should absolutely not be exposed to sexual concepts even if they’re unable to understand. It’s absolutely wrong to put kids in close contact with people dealing with adult sexual content, that shouldn’t need explanation.

It’s a weird inverse because if you remove the drag the concept and have a regular dude making any kind of a joke referring to a sexual act that would be seen as a red flag for grooming


You obviously did not read a thing I posted. Because i distinctly said the was a difference between some dressing as a woman for panto or movie and a drag queens. Again don’t tag me if you are going to be a complete idiot and not add anything to the conversation

Hope my kids get to see strippers at school tbh, better prepare them for being on a lads night out when they’re older.



Are we back in the 1800’s? :slight_smile:

I dunno. I watched a panto of beauty and the beast when I was five if that counts :wink:

I saw my dad dress up as Marilyn Monroe when I was a kid. I thought it was hilarious :slight_smile: