Andrew Tate

I wouldn’t say that, labour policy that opened up immigration has a direct cause to why our generation can’t afford houses; no fault divorce a killed the meaning of working through your marriage.

Some marriages shouldn’t be worked through and partners in a marriage shouldn’t be scared of financial liability if they want out.

Covering up child sexual abuse in churches didn’t help trust in religion.


You missed the point, nowadays people get divorce for anything, even minor things which the way stands make getting married pointless

Stop fucking conflating an institution to people that believe in god, it’s getting fucking childish now, whatever issue you have I don’t give a fuck

If people are citing “minor things” for the reason they’re getting divorced I think maybe there’s some major issues at play in the marriage.

Nobody is just getting divorced over dirty dishes in the sink, or an unmade bed.

And even if they are, I’d still take that if it means making it easier for people to leave truly horrific situations.


There is a Capital G in God.

There is a silent TOP G in Andrew Tate.

Well the good DRs point was about people not believing in things.
You highlighted 2 points you found relevant. I posted another. :man_shrugging:

Wrong both times.

Again you are are interpreting what I am saying in very uncharitable manor, you are creating a narrative to argue against.

The fact you think before no fault divorce people that were in horrific situations couldn’t get divorced is hilarious.

Dude I just don’t care, what you think is irrelevant all you doing is showing how much of a sense prick you are.

If name calling is going to be how you approach current affairs topics, kindly don’t post in the current affairs section.


I’m not sure we should be forcing people to stay in relationships they don’t want to be in.

I rather not be accused of being supportive of paedophilia just because I am Christian

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If you could highlight to me where someone has said you support paedophilia because of your religious beliefs I’ll be happy to give them the same warning.

This has been a long running theme of his every time being Christian or Christianity is brought up, I am getting sick of it.

Again, if you can highlight where it has been suggested you support paedophilia because of your religious beliefs, I will happily take action.

At the moment, you are the only person receiving a warning because you are the only one who has made an unacceptable post.

I am glad take a warning, it’s already getting tiresome to me the fact he keeps associating Christians with paeodphilia, @ryaninho has had the same conversation with him already.

Edit: if I was Muslim he wanted talking shit like that at all.

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Nothing wrong with what @Stroller said. It’s accurate.


Good to see the golden grifter’s staying in chokey a bit longer while the case builds against him.

I kinda wish I could see into his exclusive University website (aka “A discord server”) and see what his fans are saying.