you can also look at it in the way that they have picked up more points from Manu and Liverpool


I distinctly remember pointing out back in maybe January that Chelsea were entering a meat grinder of fixtures due to the amount of big games they had to play in the second half of the season.

But I couldn’t have imagined they’d be taking L’s and dropping points to mid table and lower half teams as well :bergkamp2:

No big team will have a season worse than this for a very long time, 43 points from 37 games is fucking unbelievable.


Even when we were in the shitter and went through Emery, Ljungberg and early Arteta and finished fucking 8th it was still not as bad as Chelsea.

I swear to god, they get a free pass from the pundits whenever they have a bad season. There’s literally zero content about them other than Bohley acting like Logan from Succession.

Remember that season where they finished 10th!? Did they win the UCL with DiMatteo that year? :thinking:


And the FA Cup. As far as caretaker managers go, di Matteo’s stint is exemplary. Got sacked a little too quickly in the next season since Roman Abramovich was probably expecting a title push while City and United were tussling it out. Expectations were unreasonably high, perhaps.

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They finished 6th the season they won the Champions League. They won feck all when they finished 10th.

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16 losses in a 38 game season for a “big club” is unreal. And there’s one game still to go.

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More worried now than I have been in a while. He could actually create coherence there, and he’s alright with young talents I suppose. He could turn them into a rival and a top 4 contender again perhaps.

I’ll put up 20 quid that he doesn’t last the season.


Stupid ownership will still make them fail. Chelsea & Spurs are clubs that don’t have manager problems imho. Their leadership are just too impatient, and it leads to self-inflicted implosion. Anyone who joins their clubs will fail imo. Big red flags.

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Should sort some of the mess out but they are a long way behind this years top 5.
Fifth at best if Newcastle struggle with Europe maybe.
But nah. Nothing much too see here.

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I hope you guys are right :sweat_smile: the best thing they can do is get continuity imo… hopefully they continue to struggle with just that.

I’ll take that action if you’re being literal :+1:


I thought chelsea only did 7+ year contracts?

Poch must have a shit agent

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Chelsea’s new head coach

So… Who’s gonna be the next Chelsea coach after Pochettino is sacked?


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And bring back Lukaku in the winter window

De Zerbi



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