Aston Villa

Fall from grace for him. Everyone had him down as one of the best left backs in the world but the best he can find are Villa and Newcastle? Everton don’t fancy him either.

Lots of promising performances from them since Gerrard arrived.
If Digne and Coutinho settle well and fast they may start converting that promise to actual wins and points.


Yeah much better watch than Wolves performance.
Lot of energy and purpose in Villa.

No goals though. :sweat_smile:
Coutinho and Digne are pretty direct players so that can help.

I wonder who takes the fall for Coutinho in the team. Buendia has been balling lately so you would think he’s safe. Ramsey has been solid as well. I feel like Ings might be the odd man out here.

That Ings/Watkins duo just isn’t working.

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Undisclosed? All the reports say £25m

Did Digne have a falling out with Everton?

With Big Rafa

Read the replies to the Everton tweet :joy:

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He was considered one of the best LB in the league a season or two back. Quite the comedown for him as shoulda been moving on to a higher level at this point rather than sideways.


I class Villa as a higher move now tbh.

Everton are a dead club. Villa have plans it looks like with Gerrard Coutinho coming in


They are putting together decent collection of players that’s for sure but still no guarantees. Evertons downturn balanced out with them finishing above villa the last decade to give it a sideways feel. If Everton continue current trajectory over next couple seasons then can definitely see it as step up.

Yeah he was pegged for a potential CL club at one point. Doesn’t seem like anybody else truly wanted him.

Villa is a good move for him - Gerrard relies heavily on his full backs so he was desperate for some strength there.

But not quite the big move he was supposed to be in line for last year

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He wanted to go Chelsea but they didn’t want him. Considering City want a left back either but didn’t register an interest, it certainly doesn’t look great on him.

His career so far has been underwhelming whenever he’s stepped up to the bigger, higher pressure clubs. PSG, Barcelona and Roma were not huge moments for him. I remember thinking he was just decent in Italy but nothing special.

England definitely suits his style more than Italy and Spain did but all in all his best work has been at Everton so you feel clubs are a bit hesitant to want to give him another chance.



Tavernier and Barasic were essential to his Rangers system.

They constantly came up with goals and assists.

Can see why he didn’t fancy Targett to do that

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Aside that he’s shit? :rofl:
Kola is probably better than him.

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Not sure if that’s a dig about Dyche or Allardyce.

You’re joking right? It’s so obviously Allardyce lol