Arsenal Financials


Per annum


10m would mean 10,000 pounds per new seat…which seems not right.


It’s club level seats, not normal ones. Assuming that there are 20+ games per season ~500 pounds per game can be expected probably.


Plum Anus


But what for, it is going to cost a lot to do by the sounds of it to add fucking 8-10m a season. What a fucking waste of time money and energy. If you are successful you can get more than that for one partnership. WTF are these dickheads doing they are so backwards its unbelieveable Manu probably get more than that amount from 1 lower tiered partnership we are lucky to get 1-2 partnerships a year why arent these useless fuckers getting someone working 24/7 on this pay someone or a team really well to really boost our commercial revenue then shit like this would not be needed!


So it’s better to add seats than players? :hipster:


Or seats and players?


but this is think is futile anyway its a drop in the fucking ocean! we need COMMERCIAL INCOME, where are the fucking deals FFS i mean we only added universal this year and that fashion brand for a club as big as Arsenal it is a fucking disgrace we only have about 25 partners in all when you have the likes of Manu with literally hundreds of the things WTF are the club doing they are focusing on the wrong things.


I am sure they are focusing on all things… problem is that commercial income is correlated with sporting success… we aren’t doing even the economic optimization on that front and that is the real issue…


Both are ok.


You talk as if the people responsible of getting partnership will be out there doing the manual labour. They can do their job on top of this activity.

It is one time activity which will cost few millions and will results in recurring revenue of 8-10m per season. It’s a fucking no brainer.


“We are working with Islington Council to assess viable options to increase our capacity at Emirates Stadium.

“As a result of a number of required stadium projects, our capacity has decreased over the last few years and we are looking at ways to bring this figure back up to allow more supporters to watch the team play at Emirates Stadium.

“We will communicate further details at a later date as these plans develop.”


The problem is that we don’t spend our revenues. It sounds like it is just Kroenke making profits after profits.


Reduce expenses + Increase income = profit baby…


Impossible to do both. Trust me I knows a lot about being a football ceo.


According to Deloitte we made 100 million out of matchday revenue in total. Does an additional 8/10 million for expensive seats really seem that farfetched?


I guess that makes sense. Do we get any match day revenue from away games?


Be interesting to see those full financials. That’s a big chunk out of our cash reserves.


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It’s absolutely mind boggling to think that our wage bill is on par with Manchester City.