Arsenal Financials


So we’re finally enjoying the fruits of our new financial power, yet still falling further behind Manchester United all the while. Oh and being caught up by two other clubs that haven’t moved stadium. Great :+1:


Man Utd are a superpower. You can evidently see why they can afford the transfers they do.

Considering we havent had any outside investment and won any major trophies in over a decade, we’re not doing bad at all.


Hah. Profit of 44m won’t even land us a striker in current market.
Football bubble won’t last long.

We really ought to start making money on player sales. Thank goodness for 35m for AOC, next year financial statement would be better.


Having been tight down by Nike for 10 years probably cost us a little in commercial sense. But I assume they didn’t have a choice in order to finance that stadium. We’ll see early next year if there is any truth behind the Arsenal & Adidas link. That will bring us closer too United and on par with Chelsea when it comes to kit deals.


Unlike Chelsea we haven’t collected enough assets to go out there and make money on player sales. Plus we chose to let our most valuable assets walk out of the door on a free (Ozil, Sanchez and Wilshere). Chamberlain is a one-off.



We’re fucked


Doesn’t usmanov want to buy another club too? Fuuuuucccckkkkkk.


I guess we’re about to find out…


This is just part of @Cristo’s plan to buy the club,


Usmanov will go to Everton if he does sell up

This could be disastrous for the club if Kroenke takes total control


Sort this shit out @Cristo


It’s all happening too soon I haven’t had a chance to get rich yet!!!


so you are telling us you haven’t even made your first billion yet FFS!! :xhaka: :henry2:


I couldn’t even buy Arsenal with a billion :joy::joy:


Didn’t the guy say that once their financials are released all those clubs will go above us? Only Arsenal and United have released their info. Besides they only finished one point above us, next year is the one where their wages will be way above us.



Usmanov is a very interesting character. Seems like he’s genuinely will do anything for Arsenal to compete. I won’t lie, that statement is has endeared himself to me like I assume it will with many others supporters.

I think he should be let on the board now


I would assume that was the point…

Usmanov is a fucking criminal and it’s a black mark on our club that he has anything to do with it

That being said I hope he doesn’t sell to kronke


Supporters won’t care about criminality if the club are taking major steps to consistently compete for major honours.

Personally I couldn’t care less about ill deeds of our owners as long as Arsenal is intact