Arsenal Financials


The latest figures are out for anyone who cares. I’ll be having a read of the full thing later. :slight_smile:


This bit I found interesting… so it seems the reported cash balances already take into account what is needed for debt servicing obligations:

The Group has no short-term debt and its cash balances, excluding the accounts designated as debt service reserves, amounted to £191.1 million (2015 - £193.1 million).


No point in holding that must cash unless you have a new stadium in LA to pay for. Yikes.


Especially if you are structurally cashflow positive and are about to get big bump in TV revenues and your commercial revenues grew 40% last year…



I wish I could ask him this question, how come no other club needs that level of cash? It’s absolute bullshit.


Should bear in mind that this gets done on June 1st I believe - we signed quite a lot of players after then this summer.


Yea we probably have no money until next years season ticket sales now.


Well how many games have we had at home so far this season? 4? We’ve already paid for Perez then.


A club run by an American businessman and someone called Sir Chips is definitely going to be interested in one thing


Rather than trophies.


Modern day fans.
Spend close to 90m on players…still moan.


With all the money we have at our disposal and all the profits we make, that is what we are supposed to do with the money.

It serves no purpose sitting in the bank.

Remember, we spent almost nothing the season before.


I don’t understand why the fans are interested about the financial situation of the squad (if this aspect does not influence the pitch).


For a self sustaining club like Arsenal it’s smart business practice to maintain a sizeable reserve for many reasons but it ultimately it strengthens the club’s position in all range of dealings on and off the pitch.


And no other club does it why?


I don’t know about the situation at other clubs and I don’t really think it matters much when looking as to why Arsenal have such a huge reserve.

I think our stability on and off the pitch over the last 20 years has allowed the board to develop a consistent policy on the matter. Whilst our commercial revenue isn’t as strong as it can be, it does make sense to insulate ourselves with a £100M+ reserve.

Is it possible to be in too good a financial position? Alot of money has been invested into the squad over the last couple of seasons with no significant player outgoings. I’d like to see ticket prices go down with this level of reserve tbh that’s my only major gripe until something proves otherwise.


Wait so despite only buying Cech and Elneny our profit was 2.9million (it’s up until May so discount the summer spend). Is that due to past transfer fees being served or what?

Group profit before tax was £2.9 million (2015 - £18.2 million).

I mean it seems that way:

The liabilities for player acquisitions are in part payable in instalments and net transfer creditors amounted to £42.5 million (2015 – £65.6 million). Since the financial year end the club has invested in the acquisition of new players at a total transfer in cost of more than £90 million.

WTF, 90m for Cech and Elneny? Or debt from prior transfers?


I always assumed the reason we kept high cash reserves was so that it was there to service the debt just in case shit went a bit tits up.

All these article that say the stadium is payed for aren’t truthful there’s still money outstanding on the stadium.


It doesn’t say the stadium is paid for… it says they have no short-term debt (ie. bad debt) and they have that level of balance AFTER accounting for reserves needed for debt servicing.

Fact is, even SwissRamble is questioning our ambition on pure financial terms, so it is entirely reasonable to call into question our dealings in the last few years. This year the total spend was good, but it was also a massive catch-up.


At this rate we’ll have enough saved up to buy Manchester United in 2156. Long term…long term.