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@ljungbergkamp - I never understood this ambition thing. I’ve never thought that the people Arsenal only set out for 4th every year? This is a football club, everybody involved is ambitious, everybody involved wants to win things consistently.

The whole debate about higher expectation/pressure on Wenger from the board being reflective of ‘unambition’ is a different story entirely and a very unique situation tbh. I don’t think Wenger’s unsackable job security is indicative of unambition considering his stature at the club. However I strongly believe that it’s something that we won’t see after he leaves with other managers.

I can’t hate on Kronke for not pushing for Wenger to be sacked, I mean the guy has the football knowledge of the common supporter maybe even less than that. I for one wouldn’t sack Wenger either, I strongly believe if we didn’t win the FA cup he’d have walked alots of evidence points to that. I think in May 2017 he’ll take examine the last 3 years and come to a conclusion, there’s been lots of evidence pointing to him leaving. Without a PL or CL trophy what the justification of his new contract?

@InvincibleDB10 - Of course it is, Self sustainability is the most reliable and stable way to build a platform to be successful. Spending within your means enables clubs to focus more on improving the quality of coaching, management, training and youth development, these things are essentially what football clubs are meant to be all about.

Outside investment is a game of roulette Chelsea and City are definitely the tiny exception rather than the rule, there’s always QPR, Aston Villa or Portsmouth and many more examples to cite for it going horribly wrong.

In any case Chelsea and Man City have been building towards self sustainability for years now with the idea that their commercial deals will take over the external funding. Just look at the investment youth facilities and purchasing global talents. Chelsea more so than City have focused more on self sustainability if you look at thing like stadium plans and transfer policy over recent seasons. Also don’t forget Chelsea’s parent company still has somewhere near to £1B of debt attached to it which is likely to be reduce by siphoning the revenue from Chelsea FC in the future. Chelsea is practically unsellable.

Arsenal was and is still not a club ideal for external investment.

@SDGooner - the Board was definitely right to be sceptical of external investors. We were always going to be better off sticking to self sustaining principles. The current position we’re in is an extremely excellent one commercially we’re up there with other top level clubs. It is extremely unlikely that we’d be anywhere close to United’s level of income if we had won a couple of PL titles we’d be closer to where we are now.


Right or wrong it’s seemingly a decision the entire club agreed to. Wenger doesn’t have absolute power and could certainly have been told external investment was the directipn the club were going to go in.


I don’t think it is ambition in the abstract (no one would argue that the board, AW, Kroenke want trophies, so does the LC owner/board), but lack of willingness to take a risk to get to the next level. Take a risk by giving AW a higher standard to aim for and hold him to account… replace him, if necessary. This hamster wheel we are on feels like football purgatory - forever doomed to 2-4th and round of 16, never to really look good enough to do better.

AW looks incapable of doing that little bit extra any more - he leaves funds on the table, mediocre players on the pitch, and persists with positional and tactical inflexibility. He is his own worst enemy now - dug in to his principles when a little compromise to go with his obvious genius would put him over the top - but he won’t do it.

This year is no different really - we don’t play very good football most of the time, are in 4th place, look no nearer to being a contending squad for CL, and have massive gaps in our attack.

Add to this the fact that even financial people (SwissRamble) begin to question our lack of aggression and investment on pure ROI terms - we are too conservative as a club - too set in our ways. Change will do us good.



  • spent a lot of money.
  • still rich as fawk.

Arsène Wenger


Give it all to Alexis

Arsenal matches on TV

AFC Bournemouth will receive more from TV than our total revenue during the Invincibles season. Football has gone mad.


That is exactly why everyone wants to be in the EPL, teams because if they get here they would get more money being relegated or being relegation fodder than they ever did before, players see those numbers and think OH WOW i want some of that, same with managers too.


Arsenal are the 6th most valuable team.



Not the problem, its the problem of do Monaco wanna sell and does Mbappe wanna come, not just as simple as ‘here is the money i want your player give him to us now’



What is that facility fees thing and why do we lag so far behind in it?


Its related to the amount of times the team is on the TV.


Wonder how much Universal will be paying for the partnership, after all they are loaded!


Half the league already have sleeve sponsor deals. I wonder if we’re actively pursuing a sleeve sponsor for ourselves. Hopefully we’re in the process of negotiation one or maybe Emirates have exclusivity when it comes to sponsor space on the shirt.


Think I read Emirates have an exclusive on the whole shirt


Yeah I read the same thing. Emirates own our shirt and don’t allow it. The Emirates deal also prevents us from having a special training shirt sponsor.



What’s PA?


Operation Saturn :joy: :joy:

God this guy is so fucking full of shit. Would 1,000 extra seats even add £8-10m per annum?

I was under the impression the Emirates stadium generates just over £2m every match day at 60,000 seats so 1,000 seats generating 8-10m over ~30 home games seems farfetched at best.