Arsenal Financials


“My views differ from those of the majority shareholder and I would take a different approach to delivering footballing success”

‘Here’s what you could have’ :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:


Honestly thought he would sell. Glad he hasn’t, wouldn’t want Kroenke to have over 95% shares of the club


Haha Usmanov is using this big time to get the fans on his side, fair play to him.


Yeah in hindsight, it a very carefully worded and calculated statement.

Supporter should be more dubious about this guy tbh. He’s clearly manipulating the support. For better or worse though?


Yeah it’s definitely carefully worded – it’s obvious PR but it’s golden PR. He has the fans onside more than ever, but I don’t think out fanbase are loud/powerful enough to force Kroenke’s hand – mainly because I doubt Kroenke gives a tiny rat’s ass what people think of him.


Hah yes Usma! Fuck Kroenke


So Usmanov is offering Kroenke a deal valueing the club at 2bn, where as Kroenke is offering Usmanov a deal valueing the club at 1.75bn.


Stay woke…


In fairness maybe Usmanov is legit and really wants to invest his own money and transform us into a money club, or use the Chelsea model. We don’t know, or he could be even worse.


Very happy to wake up to the news that the cunt Stan won’t be getting Usmanov’s shares, wish Usmanov could get hands on Stan’s shares though.


We could have Usmanov who is a lot richer than Abramovich and seems to like football and comes to our games.
He also intends to spend money and invest in the club, which means we will see transfer windows where world class players are being bought in.
Imagine actually buying world class players and see them playing for us, rather than an ever increasing list of players we “tried” to buy with Kroenke and Wenger running the club.

Or we could have Kroenke, and see more transfer windows where we sell our best players, or don’t buy anyone, and gives Wenger another contract.

I know who I would prefer.


So you would be happy for Usmanov to own 97% of the club?


Given the situation we are in now yeah I’d settle for it, I would prefer it to be more like German football though where fans always own a certain % of a club though or something like that isn’t it ?


Stan is the rock . Usmanov is the hard place. Hmm yes, I prefer the hard place too.


So you think having one man, whose football knowledge is no better than the common fan, in sole charge of the direction of this club is the lesser evil instead of self sustainability, independence, having actual football experts in charge and the club beholden to itself?

Depends on your personality but I guess most football fans don’t care self sustainability if it means money is being pumped into your club by a sugar daddy. Can’t beat them, join them I guess. I don’t hear Everton fans complaining


I don’t know many Chelsea fans that are complaining with the last 13 years since Roman took over the club so what you just said is entirely how I feel.


Out of curiosity, why should an owner have knowledge that surpasses that of an average football fan?

As long as their ambition is for on field success, all they need to do is hire one or two key positions and the landscape we are faced with changes completely.


Isn’t Kroenke actually looking to make us less independent with the bid he has placed for the remaining shares anyway? In case his bid would have succeeded we’d be completely surrended to all of his wishes.

Except for Wenger we have no football experts running this club anyway.


@Oliver I don’t think an owner should have knowledge better than the average supporter, it’s a reality most don’t. My issue is that you shouldn’t have a ‘fan’ owner dictating the entire direction of club by making consistent decisions essentially based on emotional impulse which affects the short and long term future of the club.

We know with outside investment comes interference in football matters of which they know nothing about. Plenty of examples to cite owner interference is detrimental because they lack football and technical knowledge

Can you honestly say there’s isn’t a club in the world who isn’t ambitious and don’t want success? The difference is application

@SDGooner All the stuff about getting rid of AGM’s and using Arsenal as leverage etc if SK got 97% was theoretical guessing. There’s no evidence he planned or intend to do any of those things even now.

His bid for AU shares was most likely an attempt to settle a long term dispute over ownership once and for all.

Gazidis? Someone like him has the experience and technical knowledge which is extremely beneficial to the club


No healthy solution to this one.

Fuck Usmanov’s dirty money, fuck Kroenke’s safe play when the going got tough and fuck Financial Farce Play.