Arsène Wenger


I mean, heaven forbid we actually have a positive atmosphere when something cheerful comes out. Oh god no.


I agree I think it was and still is genuinely a brilliant move we made. We’ve failed in a vast number of other areas however, many of which the club found convenient to lay at the feet of the cost of the transition to a new stadium.




yup sounds like mr ‘economics’ penny wise pound awfully fucking stupid!



Arsenal Financials

record spend on players …WHERE? is this Arsenal we are talking about, is this real life!


Is there a tax exemption on purchasing players?


This is the thing that I don’t get about Arsene. It’s good to be a players’ manager when you have responsible, mature players who have high standards, and who wouldn’t be satisfied with anything less than the best. The only player that comes close to fitting that description is Alexis. Maybe another 2 or 3 like Santi, Per, Cech. The rest of them need to be told and told in no uncertain terms when they are having a shocker. But Wenger is too passive and too much of a gentleman, which reflects in the way his teams play.

On the other end of the spectrum is a man like Sir Alex who would have a go at you even if you have had a great game, just to get even more out of you. Ryan Giggs in an interview, said something along those lines about Sir Alex. Ryan was still quite young and had had an excellent first half of a game and came in quite happy with himself only for Sir Alex to rip into him for a few mistakes that he had made and that was done not just to demand more from him but to send a message to some of the other players who had actually under performed in the half.


Meanwhile, it is predicted that missing out on the Champions League this season will cost the club around £20m.

How come it’s so little? Didn’t it used to be like £30m at least 5+ years ago when it was the holy grail? Extra gate receipts with us potentially going further in the competition…? We reduced ST prices based on not being in the CL too.


Maybe it’s reduced because we don’t last very long in it lol.


English clubs can potentially earn a lot from market pool payments because of our TV deals. United received just under £40m from the Europa League last season, helped by Southampton failing to get out of the group stage and Tottenham being knocked out in the round of 32.

If we’re able to reach the final and the English clubs in the UCL don’t drop into the competition, missing out on top 4 will cost us even less than £20m.


Ancelotti is available and apparently interested in managing us, if some of the rumours are to be believed. I don’t see Wenger leaving before his contract runs out so I can’t see this happening cause Carlo is too good a manager to not have a job for another 1.5 years, unless Arsenal strike a deal with him now.

Besides, all of this might be moot as Arsene might be offered another contract which he will accept.:sanchez2:


It says he is interested in managing us. Get him now!


Ancelotti would be great, would give us a chance in CL and plays attacking football. Would much prefer him to someone like Simeone, who’s defensive and bottled both CL finals


Don’t now if the term bottling should be used when you have lost against superior opposition in the Final.


He was minutes away in 2014 from winning it so yeah he technically bottled it. Hasn’t won anything for 3 years either :thinking:


Either Simone or Carlo would be a massive upgrade on Wenger, then again I could list several managers in this day and age that would be an improvement on Wenger.


I’d be an upgrade on Wenger :grin:


Only Carlo and Pep for me. Zidane maybe but he’s getting carried by a great squad. Not a glorified Pulis. Doesn’t suit Arsenal’s traditions