Zlatan Ibrahimović


Looks like no second season for Zlatan.

What an impact he made this season. Wonder where he’d go next as his career draws towards the end.


Can see USA with LA or maybe if Beckham’s Miami project gets off the ground.


I must say I am surprised that he won’t be offered another season at United. Is it his wages especially given that he will miss some part of the season? United were just announced as the richest club in the world so surely that shouldn’t matter as much, given what they stand to gain in the sheer amount of points he will win you. Or do they know something about his injury that we don’t. Anyway, he is a champion and he will be a big hit wherever he goes.


ACL + PCL means that is it doubtful that he would see the field before 2018. Throw in his age and wages to the equation and it’s easy to see why.


The extent of his injury, plus his age, plus his salary, makes it a no brainer. He may have to even retire.


He will probably go to China after recovering from his injuries and cash-in a little more.

He was a brilliant player and even at his age he was valuable for United. Without him United performed worse than with him playing.


Aaaaaand he’s off.



That’s a lie. Ibra doesn’t get released. He released Man United.


He’s out for most the year and is on over 400k a week according to a wage leak.


Haha fuck Ibra.


Ibra should have signed the deal offered earlier, was on the table but he seemed to be leveraging for more money, being dramatic or whatever.

A lot of dough left on the table, Morata says thanks.


Only decision Man United could make, he won’t return until about March from this injury he suffered.




And stay there you big nosed egotistical narcissistic buttmunch!




Fuck off he’s amazing how dare you speak a harsh word against the best striker in the world.


Sanogo doesn’t have a big nose though


Do you support them? :hipster:


For all his arrogance he’s going to retire without a CL trophy :slight_smile:


Sounds like someone else we know.