Zlatan Ibrahimović


Scored an absolutely brilliant goal today and was unlucky on another few occasions. Fancy him to score the goals to fire United to the title. For me it’s between Aguero and him who ever has the better season wins the title for their team.


Wenger questioned his age, so he cannot be good, haha


And so did some in this forum, saying they’re not worried about him. Well we should be. Appearently broke most of the physical records during pre-season at Utd. Fucking beast.


Good goal but apart from that was a so so game wouldn’t get too hyped just yet.


Yeah he was pretty garbage all match, but ya know if he comes up with a moment or two like that every once in a while it’s probably gonna be enough to get them close to the title, or win it.


Garbage? He dropped deep and picked up the ball in nice positions. He made some nice flicks, scored a lovely goal, got physical with the centre backs and all in all showed his qualities as a player.

At 34, he’s showing that he still has what it takes and those expecting him to be dominant for 90 minutes obviously don’t know what type of player he is.


Well, if garbage can get us close to the title, or better yet, win it, I would take loads of such garbage rather than the “top top kwalitee” that we have in our world beating team.


He’s going to score 20 + league goals, absolute beast of a player and a born winner.


Nobody can say Ibra is garbage.
If Ibra is, then our whole fucking is garbage also.


Lol did you watch the match? Hey good on him that he hit a sweet shot from 25 yards our and buried it in the bottom corner. Probably about the 3rd time he touched the ball until thw 60th minute though, so yeah he didn’t play well.


He gets respect from an arrogant Mourinho.
His presence alone inspires his teammates.
He scored a good goal, he helped his team winning a game.
That’s not enough for you, an outsider, but that’s enough for United fans.

He might have a bad game, not so good game, but never close to be a garbage.
Giving up 4 goals and lost to an inferior Liverpool team is garbage.


The thing about Zlatan is he’s still hungry. At 34 he is still more than good enough to potentially be the best striker in the PL this season and in Mourinho he has a manager that knows exactly how to play to his strengths. At the reported 250k a week he is going to prove to be an absolute steal.


This is a perfect example of Arsenal fanatics. This was a Giroud-esque performance yet this guy is being lauded as the best striker in the league. Lol ok fine guess I’m wrong we’ll see how he does the rest lf the year.


I watched the match and saw him score a lovely goal, hit an excellent free kick, left a defender for dead with a nice drag back, played Rooney through on one occasion, got physical with the centre backs and linked up reasonably well with his team mates. Basically it was the best kind of performance you could expect from a 34 year old on his debut in the most competitive league in the world.


Pretty much sounds like a post someone would make in defense of Giroud when Len would say he went on walk abouts during a match. Well he made a nice flick and put Walcott through, and he did score that goal we didn’t really need to win. And don’t forget about the physicality he brings!!


Except one man has won 12 league titles in 5 different countries and will go down as one of the game’s all time great strikers and the other can go 16 games without scoring a goal before he pops up with a near post tap in when the title has already been lost.


With all due respect. Your post has pretty much explained why I have a hard time taking your posts seriously sometimes. If your not just trolling I believe you often fail to see the bigger picture of a single players performance. As well as making a tactical analyse. Maybe that’s why you defended Arsene for such a long time in an exaggerated fashion.
I really enjoy and appreciate your posts in other forum parts very much, so I’m sorry for having a go at you! But football-wise we have totally different glasses on.
Weird how I like and agree with you so much in Current Affairs etc, but totally fail to agree with you in footballing matters :yin_yang:


Serie A debut - Goal
La Liga debut - Goal
Champions League debut - Goal
Ligue 1 debut - Goal
Premier League debut - Goal

What a nice little record that is


Ibrahimović would have never joined us. He wouldn’t have agreed with Wenger and his enormous personality would destroy our team’s weak mental strength…


No mate, Arsene would never have signed him cause he doesn’t have the balls to manage a player like him.