Zlatan Ibrahimović


Hook line and sinker :joy:


To be fair we were largely cheated out of one.


The only difference is, Arsene has at least another 20 years to win it. Zlatan on the other hand …


Smug bastard. Glad he’s out to pasture in shit MLS.


Ya know I don’t think that tweet means he’s signed with LAFC as that club I don’t think even exists yet. Although making a tweet that says welcome to LA in black and gold lettering is a little suspicious. I had an idea that he’d be coming to the MLS though, and the most obvious club would be LAFC.


Agreed, it was either MLS or the Swedish league for him.



Well, shit.


:joy: :joy: that video


Ibracadabra :facepalm:


Not a problem at all, as he will only be back in february.


Geniussssss :arteta::arteta::santi2::per::mustafi::kos2::welbeck:




Faster than expected.


It’s Ibra. :wink:


Glad I put money on united to win the league after GW1. This has just made them even stronger. Mourinho aint fucking about this season. Not a bad back up player to have right.


Lol that video.

He had a similar video of him revalidating in a swimming pool

Must say, love this guy. What a legend.

I am pretty sure United will win the league this season. It’s in the air.


Me too.
With or without Ibrahimovic.


I reckon they should loan out Rashford, they have to many decent strikers ahead of him at the moment and also he has stalled a bit since he first burst onto the scene


I think he is going to be a top striker.
It’s a shame he is at a club with a manager that hasn’t got a great track record for bringing through young players, so maybe he could go out on loan.
Although he could be a more than useful player from the bench for them.