Zlatan Ibrahimović


Hate Manu etc, but its a big shame for the guy, bloody horrible injury that!


He’s had a superb career


Shoulda done more karate kick training to strengthen those legs.

Edit: Damn too bad he’s probably done with his career here in England because I think the “You’re just a shit Chuck Norris” song would have been amazing to sing in this guys general direction, too bad it never caught on.


Has he already signed a contract for next season at United ? Annoyingly I don’t think he has.


this will be the time wenger will offer him a contract :campbell: :bellerin:


9 months? Really nasty injury!


So 2400 PL minutes 17 goals 5 assists. Compared to Girouds best season with us, 2300 minutes 16 goals 6 assists. As i said from the start, slightly less shit version of Giroud :grinning:


That’s a shitty way to end a career, I feel so sad for him. Appearently flown to the states for urgent surgery today. If he does have a comeback in him it will be at the lower level of MLS and most likely LA Galaxy. I’m sure he had one more good season in him at Utd, but non the less it’s been a fantastic career to follow!


Where he should have been this season tbh…


You done trolling yet?


Lol jesus, sorry if you are related to the guy or something. :joy:


Fucking hell thats the 2nd time this week Girouds been compared to 2 of the best players in a decade.
Mind you its by 2 of Wengers biggest backers not so long ago.


Wow. Is it even worth going through the effort of recovering from that to return as a 36.5/37 year old with a dodgy knee.


For a puny human, no. For Zlatan I suspect yes.


Think he is finished at high level after such a bad injury at his age.


Yeah, MLS remains for him I think. Or Malmo.


You don’t have to be related to him to find your shitposting tiresome mate.


Rashford seems ready to explode, I’m not sure from United’s perspective they will lose out much from this, other than not having an extra body to call on. May even extend Rooney’s time at the club.


Could swear United fans were saying Rashford was a flash in the pan not too long ago. Now the new messiah.


Last few times I have seen Rashford I have thought similarly… in some ways reminds me a bit of Henry with his surprising burst and speed combined with power. Obviously not saying he will be the next Titi (I don’t think he will), but he looks like a legit Premier League striker to me.

Really sad for Ibra either way. An absolute Swedish legend - perhaps the best all-time to play for Sweden. Seems this must be the end of his career as a top European footballer either way.