Zlatan Ibrahimović


Very true.

And while sure, we should’ve signed him, Ibra was not going to be enough to make up for our deficiencies and Wenger’s.

Messi + Kroos might’ve been enough to have us challenging for the league but even then I’m not entirely sure.


Maybe if they replaced Wenger and Bould on the sidelines.


I doubt it, we would score 4 times a match but still let in 5, so fucking sick of how stale this club is and wenger just WILL NOT fuck off, worst still i have a gut feeling the cunt will sign a new contract saying ‘I still have fight in me and i am not finished with my team’ fuck our collective lives…you have slimey cuntbag motherfuckers like mourinho constantly lauding their exploits over us when wenger and the cunting board just lets rivals laugh at as, inept useless bunch of fucking cunts rant over, now breathe


Wenger wouldn’t be able to control Ibra, simple as. Way too different personalities. Mourinho and Ibra are two peas in a pod though.


Yup narcissistic cuntbags…fuck them both!


Thanks god he is very old by now, otherwise he would have played for many more years.


There would be some hoodoo to stop him from hitting those kind of stats if he were at Arsenal, I’m sure of it.


Didn’t Ibra called Pep a coward for not having the guts to talk to him face to face and use other coaches to pass on his messages? Well, if Pep is a coward, I wonder what Ibra would think of Arsene. For all his qualities, Wenger is not known to confront players and give them a piece of his mind. Now if that player is Ibrahimovic, you need to be a real strong character to take him on, which Wenger isn’t. No way would Wenger ever sign a character like Ibra, not unless he got him as a 16 - 17 year old.

He plans to play till he is 40 and that is many more years. But yeah, thank God United didn’t get him when he was younger.


He’s going to hit 40 goals in all competitions :joy:


Jamie Redknapp on Zlatan Ibrahimovic: “He has been one of the best free transfers ever.”

Not a bad shout.

Which other free transfers - in the Premierleague - stand out?

Sol Campbell to Arsenal?


I think Campbell is the stand out one and he was in his prime too. And was instrumental in our success.


Chelsea have done quite well in the past, Ballack, Ruud Gullit and Vialli were all free transfers.

And let’s not forget the mighty Flamini :wink:

I’d say Campbell and Ibra are the best ones though. Looks like Zlatan will be sticking around too, sigh.


Don’t think you can touch the three of Ibrahimovic, Campbell and Gullit.

Honourable mentions:
Brad Friedel to Blackburn from Liverpool. Great keeper who went on to make nearly 300 appearances for them, and I believe he made something like 250 consecutive Premier league appearances.

Gary McAllister to Liverpool from Coventry City. He’s an underrated, (perhaps unglamorous) and often forgotten midfield general and he was a key figure in their off brand treble success in 00/01. I believe Wenger has said before that McAllister was a player he was interested in signing. Probably one of the last excellent Scottish players, is that fair @Calum and @Electrifying? I could be forgetting a couple players since but I can’t remember many Scottish players since of his level.

Jay Jay Okocha to Bolton from PSG. Can’t stand Allardyce but all credit to him, in his early days at Bolton he pulled off some incredible transfer moves, and this is probably the best of the bunch I reckon.

As I said, none of them touch the top three, but I think they deserve a shout out.


The Telegraph lists these two among a few others mentioned already:

Jurgen Klinsmann to Tottenham, 1997
Two and a half years after leaving White Hart Lane with fond memories of emphatic goalscoring and crowd-pleasing celebrations, a 33-year-old Jurgen Klinsmann was tempted back to Spurs in December 1997 with the brief of saving them from relegation. Four goals against Wimbledon at Selhurst Park in the penultimate game of the season certainly helped, and the irrepressible German finished with nine goals in 18 games before retiring from football altogether. And to think that they say to “never go back.”

Fuck Tottenham.

James Milner to Liverpool, 2015
You quite famously know what you’re going to get with James Milner but Manchester City would have been forgiven for not expecting the 29-year-old to forgo Champions League football for regular first-team action with Liverpool this season. Having commanded over £40m in transfer fees in his career, the signing of the willingly versatile Milner on a free transfer represents one of the most cast-iron, value-for-money deals of the summer.


It has to be said, Klinsmann is a great shout, he had a massive impact when he went back there for half a season.

Henrik Larsson was an incredible player and had a good impact for Man U but I think he was only there for a handful of games over a month or so. Too short a period to be quite up there, but if he’d stayed longer he’d be up there with Gullit, Campbell and Ibrahimovic.

Edit: just realised that Larsson was obviously a loan during the Swedish off-season, that’s why he returned to Sweden before the English season ended.



Larsson was a loan from recollection.

Edit: you got there just in time lol



Career ending?


Wow. That’s horrible news for the big man.


I read he could be out for 9 months. That’s a hell of a long time, and at his age you imagine it could be even longer.

Have Man United offered him a new contract? They might wanna think twice.