Zlatan Ibrahimović


Won’t post in this thread. Wouldn’t want to get sent into online retirement lol


I was just teasing @Aussiegooner, Calum.


Thursday nights don’t count lmao.


He’s pretty much the best case scenario for Utd this year. Just unbelievably prolific. I know lots of people aren’t fans, but the big Swede is doing the business.


Yep up to 24 in all comps. Imagine if he came to league at a younger age since it’s so difficult coming to such a physical high standard league at the age of 35.


Scored v a lot of poor teams though. For 35 he’s done well to be fair.


Players generally score more vs poor teams, you could even say the same for Sanchez.


Love him or hate him, the guy does the business and doesn’t look like his age bothers him as much as it bothers the rest of the world.


He has scored vs. Liverpool and City, tbf :xhaka:


I read that he’s got more goals than RVP had back in 12/13 at this stage of the season. 24 whereas RVP had 23.

Has 18 goals in his last 20 games too. The guy is on fire.


Good thing he will be off in the summer.


Think he just came to prove a point and now that he’s proven it he’ll be off to Napoli, that’s my guess anyway.


Why Napoli? Does he have an affinity with them in some way?


Story came out not too long about how much he loves Naples and how ADL (Napoli president) has spoken of his desire to bring Ibra to Naples if he has the chance to do it.

It’s just a hunch anyway. I don’t put too much stock into the stories, I just have a feeling he’ll go back to Italy as he always loved Milan as well.


It’ll be good to 100% like him again rather than this terrible 75% liking of him I have to do now he wears a United shirt.


Don’t even know if selling him was a bigger mistake than t silva. Phenomenal player. Won that scudetto for us no question.

Even now I’d love him back at milan, we have a team full of runners I think he’d get kucka 12 goals like he did nocerino


Where ever he goes, he always wins stuff. Only 4 goals away from reaching 30 for the season :astonished: We better hope he decides to leave them after this season. Hell of a player.


Except for the Champions League though.



Let me get one of my pure underadulterated dick riding posts in…

We should have signed him. Plain and simple. He was available on a free transfer and he is simply better than our striking options.


RW - Ozil - Sanchez


We’d have two very legitimate and regular goal threats.

If Ozil could lay as many assists down for Giroud as he has, you’d figure he’d have had a field day with Ibra up top.


Ibra will NEVER sign for arsenal much less work under wenger so what is the point of these posts, yes we all know that wenger should leave but he hasnt so beating ourselves up over things like this is futile.