Zlatan Ibrahimović


No I don’t remember what you look like. Stalked is a bit strong :smile: I checked out your profile pic after you posted in the OA fb group


And all this while I felt pretty for nothing.


How much do you have to weigh before your legitimately allowed to call someone a bitch??

What about if you actually are a woman, would calling someone who is acting like a bitch a bitch be deemed as invalid??


Weren’t you doing a headstand in your profile pic? I remember thinking it probably explained a lot :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I stalked luca on facebook after he posted his instagram handle, looks like a pretty normal bloke


Not 60 kilos that’s for sure.


I wanna see Facebook profile of everyone.

Post it here. @Cristo let’s begin with your swag.


Hah. You first.


I suggest if you’re going model yourselves, do it in another thread :wink:

Now that everyone looks to have gotten a few things off their mind, let’s get back to the thread in mind please :smiley:


Ahh but Mysty I didn’t get a chance to reply while I was out :joy:

To be fair as much as I’m enjoying this little online argument and the hilarious attempted personal digs and false assumptions by complete and utter strangers that I’ve had literally zero mutual connections with ever, I can laugh it all off as insignificant pretty easily. I can’t say the same for everyone involved.

At the request of the people of OA I’ll leave you be @SRCJJ. If you want to continue speaking my name even after I ignored you, I’ll happily send you into that “OA retirement” you so crave :joy:


510 posts now in this thread :joy:


Facebook Profile pic @Trion


You are smiling :scream_cat:

Why do you not look miserable?


Wait until he finds a mirror and realises what shirt he put on this morning.


Lol I must say that had me in raptures


Picture was taking pre season.


I was on holiday in Phuket maybe that’s why the smile lol. Think it was a couple of days after The Rent Boys beat us at the Emirates last season.


Will achieve 30 in all comps in an absolute canter.


Aussie, it is not right to praise a player from the other team/rival.


Scenes. This thread is just one big circle. Here we go again… :weary: