Zlatan Ibrahimović


Lol mate you ramble so much it’s unreal. And a lot of it is complete shit too.

What’s even laughable is that you’re so bothered by the fact that it bothers me. And some of the things you say like “do you boo” and “nobody rates that”

Really? :joy: You’re too big a neek for me to care if you rate my behaviour or not.


To be fair you throw the words wenger fanboy around when it isnt the case. Now you understand why its annoying.


Apart from the post you are referring to, I have never used the term “Wenger fanboy.”


I bet you will now though :ozil2:


Imagine saying “do you boo” to a grown man :joy:


He damages Uniteds style of play. He can’t press, he can’t beat a man, he can’t run the last defender. Sure he’s amazing in the air but united aren’t a Pulis side. He gets goals yes, but no where near enough for being an United frontman. A United CF should be aiming for 30 goals in all comps every season with the possession based game we play.

I dont get it, he’s not likeable, not adorable even, but he’s a goddamn second striker at a top club every day of the week. Problem is, under Mourinho united aren’t a top club and he’s likely to start.

@castiel got this in the right thread for you.


He has 19 goals already so he has to score 11 in the next 4 months which is feasible. So I’m not sure how you say he scores nowhere near enough for being a United front man?

He has one of the scored more goals than any other United forward after his first 16 or so league games (except Van Nistelrooy and joint within RVP). So his goal scoring record is basically on par/better than every United striker in the PL era. And those were United teams that scored more goals and were far more attacking outfits too.

I’m just so confused about where your rhetoric comes from.


Damn man, I’ve never seen you post in such an articulate, concise and handsome way.

You’re right, Ibra is a total bitch.


The guy has a ponytail boo :gunnersaurus:


:joy::joy::joy: Knew you’d get emotional. A4TT must laugh his tits off at how easy it is to wind you up. Unlike you I don’t take the insignificant views of strangers online to heart. You’re the one who’s posted however many times on this thread while I’ve only posted a handful of times at most. I look forward to more of your passionate reminders about Ibra’s greatness every time he scores a goal. :+1:

And without fail it manages to ruffle this “grown man’s” feathers as intended :joy: Sensitive bitch can’t help but get triggered over anything, even an obvious tease.

Keep on chiming in though, it can’t be easy for you to watch a guy you love getting any sort of negative reception online.


You’re ruffling feathers by insulting me but don’t ever put grown man in quotation marks when you’re like a 9 or 10 stone man lol. Don’t think I don’t remember from the old boards.

I can’t be called a bitch by a man who weighs the same as my woman :roll_eyes:


Honestly mate, you’re in no position to be questioning the masculinity of users when you’ve got your own handbag so firmly in your grasp.

I know you’ve got a nice beard and you used to box and have this strong sense of Italian machismo where you can’t possibly have your masculinity questioned but let’s just all drop this now.

That goes for Hassan and Curt too and everyone else involved in these petty squabbles. Grow up. I come on this forum for banter and chat and football news, not to read other people’s shit-talking about how right or wrong they were.

Just get over it, fuck me.


I come on this football forum to engage in debate which is exactly what I was doing. But because some people didn’t like the fact that debate involved the praise of non Arsenal related players they took it upset themselves to turn it into a non Arsenal related debate.

And I’m not Italian. I’m North African. :grimacing:

And I’ll question anyone’s masculinity if they call me a bitch amongst other things. If I respond to someone else’s insults, don’t throw the bulk of the blame on me.

Because I never came on this forum to insult people. I came to engage in debate and the forum has turned into a shit heap filled with substandard posters and people who seem to like to spend all day trolling. It doesn’t have a nice vibe to it anymore and hasn’t for a while now. It used to be a good place to talk football but at present it isn’t that place.

I’m happy to drop it and move on now. Because I don’t like the way the thread has turned and generally speaking I’m not the kind of person this thread makes me look to be.

So apologies to all those involved. Let’s lay off the insults and move on.


Nice attempt to deflect from me simply laughing at your embarrassing lingo :laughing:

We’re both from the same part of East London, you were in my younger sister’s year at school, I know exactly who you are. And that’s what makes the way you try and present yourself sometimes hilarious.

But you do you boo.


Chaps, despite being guilty of many fights in the past myself; can i respectfully ask that we leave this where it is.

Personal insults really are a step too far and im sure no one is actually enjoying this.


Was a fun read on the train tbh lol


I CAUGHT THAT EDIT JAKEY-BOO :cristo: :joy::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Beats reading forty posts in every thread of how bloody poor everyone and their mum is or how doomed we are with this manager of ours.

It also beats de-intellectualising (?) news about how 300 million people decided that Dolan Drump is decidedly the best representative they could shake out and hand the codes to 8000 nukes and the largest army on the planet even though his behavioural rationality closely resembles that of a fruit fly, on fire, while on crystal meth.

And it beats looking out the window at the snowy industrial landscape outside my window. Or reading about Brexit.

It actually beats a lot of things, carry on; goals or not - Zlatan is lazy and does little defensive work compared to his peers, go.


Aren’t you an mma guy? Kind of a stupid argument considering Hoyce Gracie was the smallest guy around and yet he choked mother fuckers for fun.


And you stalked me on Facebook.
Do you see my face in your mind when you read my posts?