Zlatan Ibrahimović


Maybe, but I haven’t noticed b/c I am not obsessed either way, even though I am huge fanboi… does seem like people being reactive on both sides honestly.

Similar to AW or other threads… attackers attacking overboard and defenders likewise going overboard.


You happy with what you started


Oh right, fair enough then. I now see the error of my ways



I fucking love this thread.


But can he do it on a cold and rainy january afternoon at Stoke? :henry:



Your funny post has now meant that none of his detractors will bump the thread, reinforcing the fan boy angle people have perpetuated. Well played mate I must say :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Not that he has always been that fast, but i have noticed he tends to slow down United’s attack sometimes.


Ibrahimovic fanboys staying silent :thinking:


What’s there to say? He didn’t score and didn’t play particularly well from what I’ve gathered. He’s still joint top scorer in the league so it can’t all be that bad for him.

This is what people need to understand. This thread became what it was because of clowns like the person above who bump the thread on the seemingly rare occasions he doesn’t score so when it gets bumped the next time he does score all of us “pure unadulterated dick riders” (who even says that? Seriously :roll_eyes:) will be here again.


It’s just funny how touchy people get over a player they’ve never personally met. Especially a rival player.


When you go to the Arsenal and someone shouts “what do you think of Tottenham?” Do you respond “well actually even though they are our rivals they are far from being shit” ?


I think that’s a dreary attempt at being funny.


thats basically what you are doing in this tread

if their was a harry kane thread and people weren’t quite rating him to his actual high standard would you take it upon your self to correct those people every time he proved to be actually quite good?


Mate. You’re not funny so perhaps leave the humour to those who are.

And secondly, if I see someone grossly underrating a players obvious qualities just because they’re not an Arsenal player I might chime and let people know what I think.

Kane is not on the stratospheric superstar level that Zlatan is so it’s usually not worth the discussion. Especially when I think he’s wholly unproven at the top level (flopped at both Euros he played in and flattered to deceive in Europe). Zlatan on the other hand is one of the games greats so irrespective of who he plays for I’ll take it upon myself to tell people such as A4TT and GunnerGirl that you’re talking complete shit.


stratospheric superstar lol


Yes I can see they’re trolling or talking complete nonsense… you can stop pretending we haven’t already established that just because the focus is now on your activity and not theirs.

What some of us find odd is all the passionate responses to those posts and have our own opinions about it.

You’re one of the posters taking these fools seriously every time they post and they’re clearly able to trigger you whenever they want. Even you’ve pretty much admitted that you can’t let it slide.

My opinion is in constantly getting riled up by a few clueless insignificant posts you’ve been going on about Ibra’s greatness damn near every week for ages now, which clearly indicates to me that you’re hopping on Ibra’s nuts. That’s all there is to it. One guys opinion. You obviously embrace that you’re doing that and that’s all good, do you boo, but don’t act surprised when after all this time it attracts some ridicule by people who don’t rate that kind of behaviour.


Id say that was having an open mind myself. Each to their own though.


Why do you have to say “fanboy” when all people are saying is that Ibrahimovic is a great player?

I can’t stand spurs or Deli Alli but I know he is a better player than Walcott, Ramsey, Iwobi and Chamberlain.
That doesn’t make me a fanboy, it’s just that I can appreciate a good footballer when I see one.

Just because you idolise Walcott and put down other players of opposing teams, it doesn’t make you any more of a fan.
What is wrong with recognising a footballers talent even if he players for an opposing team?